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Subj: Look who's back!
Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 at 05:39:18 pm EDT (Viewed 9 times)

QDJ- The queen has returned and name goes yt he name of Asira. I don't remember that being her name, but ok. Great to have her back. Hope she comes back and teaches Ayo and Neko how it's really done. lol

The council had me cracking up and I completely sympathize with them: didn't we already do our part?!? Why are you still bothering us? Figure it out like we had to figure it out!! Aren't we entitled to our rest?!?! Am I right or wrong that Shuri is only the 2nd Black Panther? I couldn't completely tell by the art if Nehanda was a woman or a man.

Who is Zuwari? I didn't read Hudlin's run so not familiar with the character at all. Meh. Warlock/sorcerer? My favorite was long ears that had his own puppet...his name just left me.

Interesting issue, looking forward to QDJ returning to the pages of BP.

Side note: how sad that there was an advertisement for BP and the Crew! Timing is everything.....