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Subj: Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #5: The Return from 2005!
Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 at 04:29:18 pm EST (Viewed 633 times)

Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda 005

> LIVEWIRES (Cornfed, Gothic Lolita, Hollowpoint Ninja, Homebrew, Social Butterfly, Stem Cell) successors to Mannites & LMDs, track down and destroy other top-secret research programs, destroyed by hivemind mechas, collected by Stem Cell to be rebuilt (2006#6)--Livewires#1
Very cool: Continuity!

Support for No-Prize enthusiasts!

Unexplained evidence that Doc Nemesis didn't succumb to that "hippy dippy brainwarping" going on, on Krakoa. Good for him!

> Okoye
Gets a reason for the outsourcing (finally!).

> Deadpool
Doesn't remember being an Avengers because ofwhat happened to him when his last series was cancelleed. Plus the BP/DP mini series is neatly incorporated with a footnote!

> Jan
Fights like a competant Avenger!

> LMD Fury [or "Mech Fury" or maybe it's another "Nick Fury"]
This unit may be connected to the one in the new IM2020 series OR MAYBE just evidence of the new Robot Revolution coming in general OR MAYBE tie up loose ends with the Man on the Wall concept OR MAYBE he's not a clone so as to clip danglers after the Max Fury subplot against the Shadow Council in Secret Avengers OR MAYBE it could be something else - your guess is as good.

4 page preview:
5 different pages preview:

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