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Subj: Captain America - Steve Rogers #14: 0-Day ...
Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 at 06:09:15 pm EDT (Viewed 540 times)

Captain America - Steve Rogers 014 (2017)

No comment really. Just pausing to process. Generally (STILL) unimpressed with how this Kobik reality is playing out. Although, the new HYDRA Council recruitment (EXPEDIENTLY) ended up with an intrigiuing collection of supervillains. And that cover is excellent. Quite the Quasar/Avril showing too. But in the spirit of keeping the monthly secret Empire threads going - here's some interesting fourchan 0-Day notes by others that some here might see something they missed...


    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:26:03 No.90943906
    there isn't any Zemo in this issue \:\-\(

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:28:54 No.90943964
    Yay, It's time for Hydra CAP!

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:30:39 No.90943995
    s if any hydra bitch wouldnt be climbing over each other to be the first to pay homage to an openly hydra steve rogers

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:31:15 No.9094400
    Looks like Dr. Faustus gave up on trying to gentrify New Jersey.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:32:26 No.90944027
    So is Gorgon in charge of the Hand now or not?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:33:33 No.90944048
    I wonder if Jet Black and Ian Zola will show up

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:34:40 No.90944080
    Any theories on who the New Kraken could be?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:35:46 No.90944098▶>>90944130 >>90944159 >>90944182 >>90944461 >>90944473 >>90944490 >>90948806

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:35:46 No.90944098
    Hydra finally learned how to make a proper table.
    Also, looks like Otto isn't invited to sit with the big boys.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:38:01 No.90944151
    Elisa Vs Cap: And here's your daily quota of tentacle rape.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:38:24 No.90944159
    No recruitment scene for you, Gorgon.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:39:29 No.90944182
    most likely they have no intention of legitimizing slotts work any further

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:40:37 No.90944215
    My guess is Nick Fury's brother again.
    But Steve saw through his disguise from the start and is just waiting to get his revenge on him for killing the original.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:41:29 No.90944243
    Hey look, Starbrand is still around

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:41:51 No.90944246
    >So is Gorgon in charge of the Hand now or not?
    He has been in charge of a faction since Secret Warriors ended I think.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:42:44 No.90944266
    WTF is Hyperion doing?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:43:51 No.90944292
    Hype is launching the Kamehameha

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:44:28 No.90944303
    Hey! It's the guy from TV's Agents of SHIELD!

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:46:09 No.90944344
    How long before he's retconned into being an Inhuman in the comics?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:47:22 No.90944367
    Millar's Gorgon was a Gary Stu, but Hickman and others made him more interesting.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:48:41 No.90944397
    And that's that for storytime, hope you enjoyed.
    Next time: Captain Hydra vs. The Red Skull
    The Uncanny Avengers do all the work and then Steve gets all the credit.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:50:34 No.90944440
    cucking Strucker by openly banging his 100 year-old wife and then killing him

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:51:31 No.90944461
    I'll just straight admit it: I'm unironically hyped for Secret Empire
    I just want to see an event where Captain Keikaku, Based Zemo and all these cool villains BTFO all the crap replacement heroes

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:52:58 No.90944490
    Of course, isn't Ock just one of Armin's lieutenants? But given Otto's personality, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets pissed and tries to take a seat for himself, or betray everyone and team up with Cap to bring them down so he'll be one of the top dogs.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:53:08 No.90944494
    Ian Zola or Jake Munroe were my first thought but the 'you are family' and vagueness of who Elisa means with 'he believes you dead' are making me wonder if it might be someone related to Daniel or Helmut. Spencer has read Born Better, surely he remembers Volker.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:53:30 No.90944502
    Probably Ian Zola due to reality warping.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:54:01 No.90944514
    I'm lost here. The deus ex machina girl changed everything in Steve mind to please the Skull, but now, in this small simulated reality in Cap head, everything backfires him? EVEN BEFORE that his actions could actually put him at odds with Steve Rogers?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:54:58 No.90944531
    Dimension Z! It's like Spenser is bringing EVERYTHING evil together!

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)11:57:11 No.90944572
    Except for Baron von Strucker which honestly is kind of hilarious.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)12:19:49 No.90945021
    Wait wait wait, i'm way behind.... There's a new Quasar?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)12:23:35 No.90945096
    The cosmic awareness was starting to drive Wendell crazy from overuse so to avoid becoming the next Genis-Vell, he stopped being Quasar. He gave Avril the quantum bands and is training her how to use them.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)12:32:54 No.90945260
    I only just marathoned it, but this is a really good run. Intrigue, great use of rogues, seems well planned out.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)12:37:04 No.90945337
    >30 Nukes are 1%
    >Thor, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, Hyperion, and Starbrand are 8%
    >Quasar is 49%
    These power levels are totally going to be tossed as soon as the fighting starts, right?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)12:44:15 No.90945495

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)12:48:36 No.90945579
    If Qusar can down it to 49 %, the Celestials will... oh, right Still Quasar being so much more powerful than Starbrand sounds like bullchips

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)12:50:49 No.90945635
    Somebody answer this guy, why would Kobik make Steve think this? I figured his hate for Red Skull was a symptom of his unrealistically idyllic idea of Hydra clashing with the reality of Red Skull's regime

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)13:56:45 No.90947220
    Nobody's aged a day since WWII in this series.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:06:40 No.90947457
    File: bingosquareguesses.png (66 KB, 1024x784)
    >"Bigger than the Annihilation Wave"
    >Miles tries and fails to kill Steve
    >A hero joins Captain Hydra
    >HYDRA =/= Nazis
    >MCU pandering
    >Zemo saves the day
    >StevexZemo shipping
    >Issues get delayed
    >Gruenwald's Captain America Reference
    >Bendis-written tie-in contradicts or ignores main event
    >rant about millenials
    >Steve does literally nothing wrong
    >Somebody jobs to Captain Hydra
    >Superior Foes reference
    >Trump reference
    >A hero dies and stays dead by the end of the event
    >Somebody in Hydra betrays Steve
    >"Hydra isn't racist"

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:13:14 No.90947610
    >Maria Hill saves the day
    >Quasar jobs
    >Tie-in writers make Steve more evil
    >Taskmaster bails
    >Mutant concentration camps

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:50:16 No.90948642
    So, can someone explain all the leaps between Secret Warriors and this? Also, didn't Gorgon get btfo by the Avengers after Norman busted out of jail?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:52:21 No.90948694
    >didn't Gorgon get btfo by the Avengers after Norman busted out of jail?
    Yes, and Bendis shat all over the character by literally turning him into Wolverine and have him job.
    He showed up later in Avengers World, which was also written by Spencer come to think of it.

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)14:59:11 No.90948862
    >Demiurge reference.
    Ooh damn

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)15:07:02 No.90949052
    Didn't the Hive get kerboomed? Didn't Viper get decapitated or have her head sniped to pulp?

    Anonymous 03/22/17(Wed)15:10:27 No.90949131
    Hive got kerboomed, yes. This issue is his first appearance since then. I guess the implication is that since he's a hive of octopus things he can't really die, and he spent all this time regenerating.
    Viper was indeed sniped, but then Hive brought her back by attaching an octopus thing to her head. After Secret Warriors, AIM removed it.

    Anonymous 03/23/17(Thu)09:11:36 No.90970315
    GEE, it's almost like Captain America has some dastardly plan for Quazar so she can't defeat the Chitauri.

    Anonymous 03/23/17(Thu)09:12:12 No.90970321
    How is no one catching on yet that Cap is acting like even more of an ass than usual?

    Anonymous 03/23/17(Thu)09:15:12 No.90970359
    Maybe Carol and/or Maria Hill saves the day.

    Anonymous 03/23/17(Thu)09:25:20 No.90970486
    >>Maria provides critical information
    That still counts as saving the day.
    Plus, Spencer and Bendis love Maria Hill, she'll get her job back with a smug "I told you so" smile.

    Anonymous 03/23/17(Thu)09:42:10 No.90970701
    It's because Captain America has a tremendous reputation. He's Captain America, man.
    If Captain America went "I realize I can't give you a reason, but I need the five of you to abandon your guard posts and follow me." most soldiers would do it. If Captain America asked you to fight against seemingly impossible odds, then told you he'd be right back, YOU'D BELIEVE HIM.
    Like, I don't think the writers know the harm that this is doing to Cap's character. How could ANYONE trust him again after this? Can you imagine how horrifying the whole concept it? Now and again, you have someone who goes "I fought alongside Cap during the war. He's the greatest hero who ever lived."
    And now, after these revelations, it'd be like "What, Captain America was helping the Nazis? Holy shit, he was doing it ALL THIS TIME? How did we NOT know? Oh my God, what else did he do?"

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