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Subj: Captain America #25: BARF...
Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 at 09:44:17 am CDT (Viewed 1033 times)

Captain America 025

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:09:31 No.94528689

This ish left me pretty much numb from all the deus ex machina accumulating. And a little repulsed that vomit is the key plot point. So, these are many of fourchan's 0-Day reactions to this ish...

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:11:59 No.94528725
    I am here for the character assasination of Emma frost

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:15:45 No.94528776
    Okay, I laughed at birthday cake page.

Soooooo, it's been over 1 year since CWII ??!!

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:19:50 No.94528832
    Wait, I thought that Hercules killed Gorgon?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:22:01 No.94528858
    US of A not completely messing up as soon as they set foot in a foreign country and making the sensible decisions instead?? Suspension of disbelief &^%$ing destroyed, I know this is fiction but come on.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:24:49 No.94528902
    Nope, can't convince me to support that pathetic "rallying cry speech", Sam.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:26:35 No.94528927
    I am &^%$ing done with marvel and their events with inhuman donut steel deux ex machina

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:27:13 No.94528940
    REEEEEEEE, Spencer is such a hack, it's so obvious that Secret Empire was written with a real Tony Stark in mind

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:27:21 No.94528943
    >barfing up the cube
    One thing that Nick Spencer manages to consistently do is introduce ridiculous/comedic characters or moments only to have them be plot-relevant to serious stuff. He almost always does this at one point in his series, but I can at least appreciate that one almost never sees it come.

Barf saves the day! How... symbolic of this Event?! ;\)

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:27:57 No.94528950▶>>94535194
    >Guys track record was astonishingly solid
    >What are the odds? That Ulysses gets it right every time but this one?
    WTF? This completely contradicts Civil War II. The whole point was that Ulysses' visions weren't reliable. It's why they were fighting in the first place.
    Remember briefcase lady?

That was odd, him throwing that 'fact' in his arguement.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:28:34 No.94528958
    An Inhuman never before mentioned vomits up a plot central item.
    I haven't bought anything from Marvel in years, and now I now longer feel even the slightest bit guilty.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:28:52 No.94528965
    >Astonishingly solid predictions
    Maybe if you're a weatherman.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:29:30 No.94528979
    >An Inhuman never before mentioned vomits up a plot central item.
    Dude, he was in the very first issue of Secret Empire. He puked a lunchbox, remember?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:29:38 No.94528980
    >Pymtron didn't teach Tony the importance of strings of a puppet

Pinnochio. Heh.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:30:08 No.94528989
    Barf was shown in the first page of the first issue.

    And people predicted he'd be a Deus ex Machina straight away.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:30:12 No.94528990
    >Zemo's Nazi sword and blade at Panther's throat
    Yeah this is going to go well.

Undecided on the Panther's "nose" costume redesign. He look more authentic but on the other hand it's as hard to get used to, if not offputting, as Iron Man's noseplate was back in the day.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:33:08 No.94529031
    I wanna like Sam as Cap, I do, but he has made it very, very difficult.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:34:18 No.94529047
    >Faustus invades Wakanda
    Coates actually set this whole Faustus thing up in BP's solo.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:37:57 No.94529096
    Who didn't see this coming? It was pretty weird for Namor to have a white "Atlantean" as a bodyguard.

Well, Namor was acting so out of character. Toro used an O2 mask but Bucky didn't. Bucky's skin color was never evident IIRC. So no. On the other hand him and Kobik surely didn't blow up so they had to turn up eventually.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:39:07 No.94529122
    No really, what do the tentacles add to the airships? They don't even look cool

They're alright for an alien culture design.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:39:43 No.94529132
    >Sam recruits the troops
    Shut up Captain Communism.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:40:27 No.94529145

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:48:59 No.94529273
    Wait is that Wonderman!?!? Isn't he dead!?!?!

This crosses over with him and Underground Avengers in Secret Warriors #5. (And S.E.8 too.)

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:49:21 No.94529278
    >entire event is how Hydra are not nazis
    uhh - gives Zemo nazi sword and blade


    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:52:00 No.94529324
    MCU Sam managed to be heroic and witty.
    Comics Sam is "soulful black man preacher #14578"

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:54:01 No.94529358
    Wonder Man was just stuck inside of Rogue, but he was freed at the end of Duggan's uncanny avengers,

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)09:59:19 No.94529417
    I don't mind the preaching, but Sam's just such a &^%$ing whiner.
    >Help, people are being mean to me because I have political opinions!
    >What do you mean my extralegal surveillance of American citizens isn't admissible in court?!
    >I don't believe in America anymore! I'm gonna go sulk in the desert!

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)10:01:09 No.94529436
    I forgot all about McAllister.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)10:13:38 No.94529607
    Was it explained in another series how Faustus can basically straight up control people now after a few minutes? Last I checked, he was a hypnotist, not some kind of emma-frost type telepath

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)10:14:08 No.94529612

    the colors on this book are so &^%$ing atrocious it's unbelievable.

    Black and White Manga killed an entire generation of artists. Colorists this generation are absolutely &^%$ing atrocious.

    Oddly enough a Super-Flat, anime-esque color pallet would actually fit most of the books with the way heavy inks have returned.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)10:31:59 No.94529875
    >I see the men and women who stood up when Galactus came
    Really? Because I don't see the Fantastic Four in this crowd.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)10:33:00 No.94529895
    Anon, the Thing is right here >>94528842
    And I'm pretty sure everyone has faced Galactus at one point.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)10:42:22 No.94530049
    It's not really a deus ex when they set it up before hand. It's just a chekhov's gun.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)11:08:09 No.94530509
    this is the most ridiculous shite ever

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)12:08:44 No.94531544
    Gorgon is a mutant. They're on the express lane for coming back from the dead.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)12:16:05 No.94531689
    Kind of weird how at no point during this entire event has the fact that Gorgon is a mutant ever been brought up.
    Like somebody questions why Council's Gorgon isn't being exiled to New Tian and he answers something like "Unlike the X-Men and all the others, I am Hydra first and a mutant second".

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)12:22:22 No.94531791
    I feel like it was brought up somewhere but resolved so quickly that most people didn't notice.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)12:30:13 No.94531934
    >Illegal Territory called New Tian
    No! Editors noticed Steve signing trade treaties with New Tian in the other issues of the crossover?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)12:54:37 No.94532371
    A prophecy can be interpreted the wrong way. All he saw was Cap lying on the ground, Miles above him - you assumed that it meant Cap's death.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)13:28:28 No.94533097
    I hope there is some kind of reason Zemo has Nazi weapon set, maybe forged my Nazi mystics or something, rather than just someone thinking they were cheeky.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)13:33:47 No.94533210
    Maybe it used to belong to Strucker?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)13:39:56 No.94533323
    So he teleports the object to his stomach to barf them? Or makes them?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)14:11:06 No.94533934
    At least there's a reason for Miles being a "wimping out".

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)14:14:13 No.94533991
    marvel, are you even trying?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)14:27:15 No.94534256
    Why not just vomit an entire cosmic cube at that point?

No one mentions that Barf mentioned he usualy has to see the item and he only SEES a shard and not the whole cube.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)14:31:49 No.94534339
    deux ex machina or barf ex machina? I'm not sure but its very poor writing anyway

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)14:35:55 No.94534402
    so tony stark saves everyone, but captain falcon takes all the credit anyway
    why people on Marvel hate tony so much? it's the goatee? cause he can shave it

    Dust 08/09/17(Wed)14:41:09 No.94534507
    And we still don't know who is the new Kraken...

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)14:41:55 No.94534527
    99% chance it's Ian.

    Dust 08/09/17(Wed)14:48:29 No.94534643
    My candidates were:
    - Ian
    - US Agent
    - Strucker
    - The real Steve Rogers

    But well, it seems that he will not even matter in the plot... I was expecting Kraken to be a traitor or even the real villain.


    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)15:07:13 No.94535054
    Before, they showed Barf in the prison with a weird muzzle on his face, and Naja ended being the one who had to feed him through it.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)15:32:09 No.94535585
    Sam just lacks the charisma and strength necessary to be Captain America. Sam hasn't done anything extraordinary as Cap to make me believe he's a good leader.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)15:32:28 No.94535594
    At least Steve finally said one line of the Hydra Oath, if not the whole thing.

Noticed that too.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)15:40:13 No.94535770
    >page 1

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)15:42:57 No.94535843
    So we're just never gonna get an explanation of how Tony is alive are we?

It was interesting(kinda sorta) that this interpretation the A.I. couldn't generate the pigmentation all the other books have. It will never be explained - it was aesthetically better this way since it was never properly stated that he was more than a common A.I. but a teleprojected-sentience onto the holo-generating armor programming. Argh.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)15:51:47 No.94536014
    No, Spencer is just showing what Miles is actually like without Venom Strike.

VS would have made debatable sense as much as killing for a innocent hero.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:06:50 No.94536349
    >barfed up cube
    is this going to be a meme now?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:09:02 No.94536392
    If Steve really wanted to get the people on his side he should have mentioned that cure for cancer Wakanda is keeping from the rest of the planet.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:11:10 No.94536428
    There are probably multiple cures kicking around. Like how in Dark Reign a cure to cancer was used as anti-Deadpool bullets. It's just not cost-effective for common people.

There was that Dr.Strange mini too...

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:11:23 No.94536432
    I &^%$ing hate gay Latino Giant Man.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:14:09 No.94536488
    There's a limit. The kid says so himself. Pretty sure if he tried to cough up an entire cosmic cube, he'd end up choking on it and dying.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:14:56 No.94536505
    Raz is fine. No one else was using the name.

    Right now Pymtron is more interesting for Hank. And when he's finally cured of that he can go back to being a science adventurer

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:19:00 No.94536585
    How does it ruin Miles? "Don't kill this guy even though it'd be a ton of help" is retarded, a cosmic cube fragment influencing his decision is so much better. Really, if it was completely Miles' decision it'd be a step back in character development since he's already a pussy.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:35:41 No.94536983
    he vomited a lunchbox, he can vomit a damn cube


    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)16:55:17 No.94537462
    Why is beast surprised by Emma? He knew she was in New Tian in X-Men Blue.
    None of the X-related things seem tied to this event properly.

AGREED. At least we got some cameos.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)18:00:01 No.94538984
    Then why waste all that time with Widow about them not becoming like her? What was the point of her death?

    I'm not saying his decision to not kill him isn't stupid to begin with, but using the fragment makes the whole subplot irrelevant.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)18:25:36 No.94539651
    I want to hooker Emma so badly, that's a nice pannel

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)18:31:15 No.94539802
    It's nothing like that because Miles isn't Superman and isn't a paragon of morality. Knowing that Miles actually would have done it is far more interesting.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)20:05:06 No.94542083
    Barf has a recharge rate based on the complexity of the item. A lunch box is far less dense than a cosmic cube fragment. He could probably do it over time, but needs to recharge his powers.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)20:25:21 No.94542556
    What if they killed Black Widow last issue and nobody seemed to care?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)21:15:14 No.94543695
    Why doesn't the inhuman puke up another Black Widow?

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)21:19:23 No.94543805
    What? Tony never died. He's in a coma and just had an AI ready incase something happened to him. No one knows when he's gonna wake up but beyond the Coma he's fine.

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)21:34:15 No.94544166
    >page 2
    Cap looks hot

    Anonymous 08/09/17(Wed)21:39:29 No.94544305
    File: [OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam C(...).jpg (175 KB, 1920x1040)
    175 KB

    Anonymous 08/10/17(Thu)00:00:40 No.94547449
    Anything missing in this?

    Anonymous 08/10/17(Thu)00:05:36 No.94547521
    I like that both the Cap books merged for this final "Issue" of the run.



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