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Subj: Anyone like those Cap cameos in other Marvel books???
Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2021 at 12:00:23 pm EDT (Viewed 280 times)

Captain America popped up in that X-Men book, Planet X or something. Magneto and other mutants built an atmosphere on Mars and declared it Planet for Mutants.

Cap showed up, to give his 'okay' I think. But I felt it made Cap some 'Authoritive-figure' or 'Commanding-person'. I was hoping someone like Cyclops or Valerie Cooper would do that job, and leave Cap to chase down terrorists and bad-guys in America.

Lately, he's been popping up as one-of-guys battling a big big world-destroying baddie, Cassandra Nova, and in the upcoming Savage Avengers to fight some powerful wizard.

But I don't like that bossy-okay-thing cameo.