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Subj: Drax the Legend's Grudge Tournament, Rules & Signup.
Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 at 09:57:45 am EST (Viewed 6 times)
Reply Subj: I slipped and pressed enter too soon
Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 at 10:30:21 pm EST

Ok, blame Fati for the name… ;\-\)

Anyway, let's take a look at them rules, shall we?

Round 1 (16 teams)

Each of the participants will be asked to draft 2 streets & 3 metas. The drafting will last two days. I will appoint 5 items in the second day, same for all, make sure you match them with your picks.

Each team gets a picture and the name of the other guys. Prior knowledge counts for people and items alike (that means crossovers too ;-> ). They will then get 1 hour to prep on site. Each team is confined to their side of the field for the entirety of that time. After the first 15 minutes, each team will be attacked by outside opposition, which I will appoint at the day of the battle. If the team can prevail before the prep time expires, then they can carry on with their preparations and/or catch their breaths. However, the battlefield will be free to roam once the prep time expires, so, should they still be engaged, they leave themselves open to a potential attack from the other team. It's important to note that no team is under obligation to defeat the outside opposition, so they can try to lose them and attack the other team past the given hour. Of course, the opposition will try and follow as best as it can, so it might be dangerous to ignore them, but it will attack any party on sight(those of the participants, I mean). The winner of the fight is the participant whose team has beaten the other's team (based on votes, 'course). Battle field removal(BFR) is not allowed. Enemies need to be knocked out/incapacitated for at least 10 minutes to be considered defeated.

Round 2 (8 teams)

Yes, drafting \:\-D ! Two days again. On the first day, the guys who lost in the previous round get to mess with the guys who beat them. They will be asked to remove 1 meta from their enemy's team, pick 1 item for them (propably from a list of three), and determine the outside opposition they will have to face (from two possible choices). On the second day, I will appoint the 4 remaining items and the guys who continue will be asked to draft 3 enhanced metas. The streets will be dropped.

The rules that applied to round one are in effect.

Round 3 (4 teams)

Same as round two, two days of drafting. Those that lost will be asked to draft first. They will remove 1 e.meta from the team that defeated them, and appoint an item and the opposition that they will face. Everyone who's lost to the person that progresses is still entitled to a vote, regardless of the round they lost. I will then name the remaining items and the winners will draft 3 prime metas. Metas are dropped.

You know the drill.

Final round (2 teams)

If the guy that beat you is in the final, then you can take part in the first-day draft. Remove 1 of his p.metas, pick an item and his opposition. Second-day draft will see me giving items freely and the finalists picking 3 heralds.

May the most hated one lose!

Whew, that is all. Drafting will start tomorrow, about one hour earlier, but only if the roster's full. If not, I'll wait another day. You can post any questions you might have here or mail me.

Write-ups are not necessary. Any regular poster can vote on the fights. If people who are supposed to draft from round two and onwards do not appear within reasonable time (a day), then I will pick for them. I will roughly follow Amor's system of classification...

>Definitions of the 7 Levels (example for each archetype)

>Street – no powers and at most peak human physiology.

>Meta – one average power or up to CL30 strength/durability or some piece of advanced weaponry/equipment; the best can usually take on (not necessarily beat) 3 average streets.
>(Classic Archangel; Psylocke; Gambit; no mages but maybe luck manipulators; classic QS but just barely; Forge/Black Panther, Beast)

>Enhanced Meta – one or two powers above meta level or a few meta level powers or one meta level power and some advanced weaponry/equipment; the best can usually take on 3 average metas.
>(Hawkman; classic Jean Grey; Iceman; Scarlet Witch; Thialfi; Reed; classic Spidey; up to CL90 brick w/no other powers)

>Prime Meta – one or two powers above enhanced meta level or a few enhanced meta level powers or one enhanced meta level power and some advanced weaponry/equipment; the best can usually take on 3 average enhanced metas.
>(Superboy; Manny Black; Jade; Zatanna; Jay Garrick; classic Doom; Sasquatch or token CL100 brick)

>Herald – one or two powers above prime meta level or a few prime meta level powers or one prime meta level power and some advanced weaponry/equipment; the best can usually take on 3 average prime metas.
>(Superman; X-Man; GL Hal; Dr. Strange; Makkari; Stonecutter; Hulk)

... but if you have problems classifying your guy, just pick him and see how it goes ;-p .

Make me a happy man and join now!!!!

Drax the Legend, Captain of the Fist, The Starwalker, The Jade Slayer

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