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Subj: Tag Team Tourny - Sign up now
Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 04:14:58 pm EDT

First off well done Def - good, well run tourny which forced us to use unexplored pics, congrats!

This is based on someone else's prior tourny. Can't remember who, sorry.

Points based - 20 points. Full Stop!

Herald - 12 points

PM - 10 points

EM - 8 points

Meta - 4 points

Street - 2 points

2 hours prep - 2 points

12 hours prep - 4 points

2 points - Average lab or workshop (nothing above a university lab or police armoury)

6 points - Specialised Lab (no artificts) FF4 plaza, Dr Strange's sanctioum.

Crossover knowledge counts.

2 points - Some understanding (rough powers, no knowledge of levels or weakness)

4 points - Good understanding of power levels and abilities


Ebony blade - 4 points
Infinity Gauntlet - 21 points
GL Ring - 8 points
Infinity Gems - 8 points each

Twist - AFTER drafting two posters will be joined. eg

RANDOM picks

Cyclops (4), Beast (4), Average Lab (2), Some Understanding (2), Power Gem (8)

VERMIN picks

Nightwing (2), Starfire (8), Donna Troy (10).

The team gets full benefits for all characters (Nightwing can help Beast construct a device).

Prep will be combined to equal the below if both have prep, this is not available to buy and may only be gained through combinations:

6 points - Comrehensive knowledge of oponents (including weakneses)

8 points - As above, with full understanding of environment at all

I am looking for 16 participants to form 8 teams.

Usual stuff is banned (madrox type powers, no time manip, no reality mani, no pwer stealing or adaption etc)