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Subj: Stupid (vs.) ummm, STUPID.....
Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 03:32:15 pm EDT (Viewed 14 times)

Yep, you guessed it, it's a buncha stupid battles with stupid people in them doing exactly what we think they are, being stupid.

All you gotta do is tell me who is stupider, why, and how on EARTH did they manage to pull off a win being as stupid as they are:

1. The Slug (from Cpt. America) (vs.) Blob

2. Bane (vs.) Marvel Sandman

3. Grimmace (McDonald's) (vs.) Kool-Aid (runs headfirst through walls)

4. Rhino (vs.) Thing

5. Kangaroo (vs.) Leap Frog

6. A group of Metal Men (vs.) A pack of Wendigo's (both have = numbers)

7. Bouncing Boy (vs.) Stilt-Man (Daredevil enemy)

8. Batzarro (vs.) Bizarro

9. Blue Falcon (vs.) Green Hornet
BF can't win a fight cause of his sidekick dog Dynomut's interferrence.
GH can't win a fight unless he has the help of sidekick Kato.

10. Howard the Duck (vs.) Beyonder in Secret Wars 2