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Subj: Wonder Woman Power Feat of the Week: Transcending Dimensions
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 12:32:32 pm EDT (Viewed 30 times)

(From Wonder Woman #75)

The White Magician (a Wonder Woman foe) turns the powers of a boy, Brian Elliot, against him causing massive burns all over his body and leaving him to die. At the hospital it is revealed that circuitry has been fused to the boys body and he is on life support but his death is inevitable.

Wonder Woman, feeling guilty, sends herself into another dimension, the Lair of Apollo, to retrieve a piece of Golden Fleece to heal the boy. When she finally comes back to the real world she is carrying a piece of the mystic wool that is able to not only heal the boy but separate the circuitry from his body and restore him to normal.