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Subj: fighting with weapons
Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 04:59:25 pm EDT (Viewed 39 times)

Bullseye with Cap's shield vs Daredevil with Son Goku's magic rod

Wonder Woman with Mjolnir vs Superman with a GL ring

Dr Fate with the Staff of One vs Dr Strange with the Reality Gem

Colleen Wing with the Ebony Blade vs Batroc with Power Gem

Hal Jordan (no ring) in Iron Man Armor vs Spider Man with Gauntlet or Southpaw's gauntlet

Dr Doom with a Sinestro Ring vs Reed Richards with the Tactigon

Thanos with Ultimate Nullifier vs Mc Gyver with a pen, a bubble gum, a pair of glasses and an elastic

Adam West with a Squirrel Repellent Bat Spray vs Squirrel Girl with a sack full of nuts