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Clark gets shunted into the 616 Marvel Universe by a cosmic force and is unable to return to the DCU.

What do you see as his new role on this Earth? Which characters become his greatest friends/allies and which villains become his greatest enemies?

Would Superman be a good fit for the Fantastic Four/Fantastic Five?

Some fights for Superman in the MU: (not a gauntlet)



Fin Fang Foom

Ultron (adamantium body)


Dr. Doom

Count Nefaria

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Well, take him on and win anyway. The Sentry, Silver Surfer (Maybe, although probably not.), Molecule Man, the original Beyonder, Black Bolt if he uses his voice, and a few others are really the only contenders. I believe there's a little bit of Superman in Spider-Man. And there are certainly Superman like characters at Marvel. In fact, during Reginald Hudlin's run on Spider-Man, I recall that he had a character who was literally a duplicate of Superman. He worked at a newspaper, and had his same power set. Really, I think the Marvel Universe would be a different experience for him, as the characters are more "human". If that makes sense. Imagine if Superman's arch enemy was Norman Osborn. Or the Kingpin. I believe that the Kingpin can one-up Lex Luthor. He's the type to really pull the strings enough to screw up Superman's life. I wouldn't mind Supes at Marvel, but to answer your question, I doubt it would be much different.

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About the same as Sentry, Gladiator, Hyperion, or Nefaria in powerset and levels. I expect he would befriend the Avengers- certainly Captain America anyway. I don't see him as a good fit for the FF being that they are primarily scientific explorers at their heart, and not a "save the victims" group. I would think Ultron, Doom, Nefaria and Mephisto would be Villains Supes would face... maybe Juggernaut or the dark Avengers too.

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re-boot/redux/ or whatever they do with Superman --if they do him the Marvel way, the character might actually become a little bit interesting --but if they did him real and true marvel all the way, he wouldn't do all the ridiculous stuff and he wouldn't have the uber will power that allows him to perform ridiculous strength feats beyond his "spec" while drowning in red sun or green k --if he could od that in MU, then he'd be as boring and ridiculous as he is in DCU except even more out-of-place

and he wouldn't be the cornerstone /temolate of MU and so the editorial support x-factor he gets in DCU wouldn't help him anymore

for example Thanos os not crying uncle to Superman under any circumstances (unless he does it as part of a bigger plan to defeat Supreman and send him back to DCU )

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