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I remember HOM Wanda was basically killing Clint (Hawkeye) over again, and then bringing him back to life. She pulled his arrows out of her back like they were nothing. I know that the DC imps are powerful, but isn't Mr. Myz whatever his name is, on the same level as the Impossible Man? Actually, are the Impossible Woman and his kid still around? If so, wouldn't it basically be Wanda against the Impossible Man then?

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It's "Mxyzptlk."


1. Mix
2. Yes
3. Spit
4 Lick

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It is hard to compare reality manipulators, but Mxyzptlk and Batmite once annihilated the entire DC-Multiverse, including Hypertime, alternate timelines and whatsoever during one of their fights and afterwards brought it back in one go.
Emperor Joker also showed what a nutcase with Mxyzptlk's power can do. He almost destroyed the universe.

Wanda's greatest feat was undoing mutants on Earth(not completly though)and sending a chaoswave thru the Multiverse, which brought back Jim Jaspers. That is it.

The Impossible Man turned a lifeless world into a parody of Marvel Earth and Galactus couldn't stop him. I think, that was his greatest feat.

I definitely would go with the Imps there. Certain words have power over them, but that is their only limitation.

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