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Subj: IF The "Great Powers" Attacked Thanos With IG, Why Wouldn't They Attack The Sentry Now?
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 09:58:36 pm EST (Viewed 139 times)

When the Beyonder showed up in main Marvel Universe, when Thanos gained IG, when he got a Cube etc...

Other powerful beings gathered forces to oppose all of them, especially Thanos with the IG...

If they sense BOB has power of "God" now, and can go "nuts" at any rime...

Why wouldn't the "Great Powers" link up and destro BOB before he "Freaks out?"

Wouldn't likes of Celestials and Galactus want to keep the "Cosmic order" in place?

Wouldn't even LT want to intervene in these affairs now?