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Subj: For Skynet (and others): Why do you put insane Genis-Vell below Shaman X-man?
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 02:43:32 pm EST (Viewed 7 times)

I just saw an Skynet's post where Skynet puts insane Genis-Vell below Shaman X-man?

Why do you all think that?
Here is what I know about insane Genis-Vell:

Marv had Moondragon remove the blocks on his Cosmic Awareness and over many months of meditation attempted to develop it. He now saw every crisis in the universe happening every second and had to make a choice

of which to attend to, and after he made his decision he saw every possible outcome of what could have happened had he chosen differently. But this ability eventually drove him mad after he chose to save an entire race of peaceful aliens from being slaughtered over saving one woman murdered by her boyfriend. Immediately after she was killed he was shown her future as the universe's greatest peacemaker and that under her there would have been galactic peace for generations. He becomes desensitized to the problems of the universe and strands Rick in the Microverse for months while he goes out and tries to find a way to take over the universe. He conquers a warrior alien race with the slightest effort and it puts him in conflict with the Kree, among the Kree soldiers is his father's mentor whom Marv proceeds to kill in cold blood. He takes his armor and offers to join the army as his replacement.

As a member of the Kree army he shows no respect for his superiors but they are afraid of his power and can do nothing to stop him, he even charms his commanding officer's mistress and impregnates her. After returning from a mission killing a Shi'ar fleet he finds out that the mistress is a Shi'ar spy and he is ordered to shoot her. He refuses and kills his commanding officer, and says “This is… unfortunate. Disobeying a direct order is an offense demanding the most severe punishment available. Oh well. Thank God that’s over.” As a ghost he meets his father and destroys his body out of anger because of the high standards that were placed on him. He helped Entropy and Epiphany, the children of Eternity, kill their father and destroy the universe, then helped re-create it after Entropy had second thoughts. After the universe was remade everything returned to as it was to before Marv went insane. He is given a second chance and chooses to save the woman before her boyfriend kills her, but then he sees into the far future after she dies and their is a divide among her diciples and a great war begins killing billions. Unable to deal with the weight of his decisions Marv goes insane again.

The Mad God
In order to keep Marv in line Epiphany teaches Rick how to use the Nega-Band connection to cause Marv extreme pain. The drawback to the technique is that the same damage is felt on Ricks end too. Marv and Rick agree to switch places every 24 hours. Bored and insane once again Marv decides to play the role of mad god. On earth a convicted murderer, Coven, is executed but amazingly comes back to life immediately after and he is set free since technically he has served his sentence. He decides that the first thing he is going to do is kill a key witness who testified against him against him in court, Rick Jones. He shoots Rick from afar but when he comes closer to finish him off he finds that Rick has swapped places with Marv. Marv is intrigued by the situation and how the policy of the court system to ignore all evidence that isn't directly presented, he bestows Coven with a fraction of his cosmic power and they set out to find a crime in progress to ajudicate. Flying around New York they find Spider-Man fighting an alien, they use their cosmic power to knock them both unconscious and force them to go to "trial". The smaller alien that Spider-Man was protecting reveals that it was just a weird sexual game between he and the larger alien, an embarrassed Spider-Man agrees to leave but the larger alien threatens Marv and Coven snaps his neck. The smaller alien flees and swears revenge against Captain Marvel.

Back in the Microverse Marv continues playing Judge, Jury, and Executioner when he puts himself in between two lovers in a dispute and after performing a quick marriage and divorce he threatens to kill the man if he doesn't leave the planet but before leaving the man threatens vengeance. Back on earth Rick is attacked by the empowered Coven but he is able to fight him off using a gun he took from the Microverse, Marv takes his powers away in retaliation but Coven is able to overcome Marv and take all of his powers. At that moment on earth and in the Microverse the two aliens who swore vengeance against Marv return to the respective planets with massive fleets backing them up to kill Marv. In the Microverse the aliens found the corpse of Marv and left, on earth the aliens saw Coven who had taken on the appearance of Marv after stealing his powers. Coven threatened the aliens and they attack him, seconds before they fire Marv takes his powers back and Coven is killed. Marv tells Rick that because of his cosmic awareness he had known the outcome to the entire situation and there had never been any danger.

Originally, he is able to focus his cosmic awareness, granting him the ability to realize exactly what he needs to know at any particular time. When his powers expand, he is driven mad by the vastness of his cosmic awareness. While insane, he returns from the dead, raises Rick Jones from the dead, controls multiple other dead bodies, creates holograms, empowers an alien serial killer and is able to survive a combined assault from several alien space fleets.

So, what puts Shaman X-man above insane Genis-vell?


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