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Subj: Yuga Khan versus all comers
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 06:04:00 pm EST (Viewed 93 times)

Pretend Darkseid's daddy escapes from the Source Wall once more... (not a gauntlet unless you think he's powerful enough)

9. Galactus (Mighty, Hungry, and/or Starving - whichever is the most fair fight)
8. Odin (Marvel or DC or both)
7. Doomsday (highest depiction ever)
6. Darkseid (not dead, without the "cannot-kill-your-parents" clause)
5. Imperiex Prime
4. Superboy-Prime
3. The Destroyer Armor (animated by Colonel Preston Scott Case, or whoever you choose to make the fight fairer if needed)
2. The Anti-Monitor (whichever form is most fair)
1. Mxyzptlk
0. The Spectre (pick your poison: Jim, Hal, Crispus, or hostless)