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Volstagg jr

and really when you think about it, don't all of us geeky fanboys really win ;\-\) ?

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GL is one of my favorite DC characters, especially in the last several years, so it really hurts me to see the bad CGI. The costume looks goofy in GL, OA does not look that good and the aliens look sort of goofy. I hope I am totally wrong and on the scree they actually come off great. But I am not sold by the trailer.

Thor looks like a big movie. The lightening FX look good, Asgard looks good from what we are seeing and so on. There are probably goofy looking scenes in it too, but they did a great job with making it seem both grand, vast and part of the Marvel U at the same time (Including a figure we all recognize from Iron Man helps to that end). Not to mention you get the idea of what the story is about outright. God is arrogant, powers taken away and banished to Earth to become worthy again. Not exactly like the comics but roughly similar.

GL, I understand is Hal's origin, but I get the impression it is more of the standard origin story. Man gets power ring that gives him great power, and responsibilities. But what a green lantern is, is somewhat glossed over and we are not sure what sort of mennance he is facing. So you are left more with "oh it is a green lantern movie" without really knowing what that means if you are unfamiliar with the character.

Look Raist bunnies...
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Lord Majestros

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