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Subj: LGDB Back to Basics Team Tourney - Draft 1 - 2 Enchanced Metas [Confirmation List : Updated]
Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 at 10:53:51 am EST (Viewed 154 times)

It begins now guys! Draft your first 2 enhanced metas. You don't have to declare your themes until after you've drafted your entire team, and before we start the tourney.

cheers everyone,
---the late great Donald Blake


All participants will be drafting two enhanced metas Monday at noon EST.

the following day, Tuesday, at noon EST you'll draft your final enhanced meta and your first prime meta,

and you'll draft your final prime meta on Wednesday at noon EST.

See you guys then!

the late great Donald Blake

Each team will be composed of 2 Prime Metas and 3 Enhanced Metas.

A few banned powers:

-reality or time manipulation
-power stealing or absorbing
-And finally, no loopholes that exploit 2 or more characters that come together and create one uber character (uber being defined as anything that reaches teambuster level)

All characters will act in character i.e. as they would from the period they are taken from comics.

Battlefield choice will be randomly selected and different for every bout.

Theme Teams - Everyplayer will draft two theme possibilities, which I will approve. When you draft your team if it's in fitting with one of the approved teams you get your bonus.

Bonus - Theme teams will get to choose from 2 days prep/training time -OR- a list of enemy names -OR- Radiotelepathy -OR- 6 hours battlefield prep.

the late great Donald Blake

1. Incriptus


Spitfire (with vampiric powers) - enhanced meta
Human Torch (Jim Hammond) - enhanced meta

3. Joe Fixit

4. Amor Fati

5. Thorion

6. Dark Marvel

Phobos - enhanced meta
Cable (w/ TO Virus) - enhanced meta

7. DCR

Lady Mastermind - enhanced meta
Medusa Gorgon - enhanced meta

8. Hatman

Captain America (Steve Rogers) - meta [EM]
Batman (Bruce Wayne) - street [EM]

9. Tongan Giant

Wolverine - enhanced meta
Spider-man - enhanced meta


11.Surly Rockbottom

Mr. Terrific - meta [EM]
Mr. Incredible - enhanced meta



Namorita - enhanced meta
Storm - enhanced meta


Psylocke - enhanced meta
Starfire - enhanced meta

15.the Nephilim

Strawman - enhanced meta
Shiverman - enhanced meta


Thing - enhanced meta
Human Torch  (Johnny Storm) - enhanced meta


1. Amputees: All characters have lost a limb
2. Cold Warriors: All team are Russian
3. Who Stole My Razor: all characters are hairy critters
4. Fantastic Four Old and New: all characters from either (you guessed it) the orignal F4 or the new F4
5. Heroic Kids: the kids of superheroes who are heroes
6. Wicked Kids: the kids of superheroes who are evil
7. Ninjas, and Ninja like characters
8. Water manipulators
9. Characters from/raised in the past
10. Characters from/raised in the future
11. World War II vets
12. Super-powered siblings
13.Married Bliss - everyone in the team is married to another member of the team
14.Sibling Rivalry - everyone is brother/sister of another team member
15.Yo, Joe! - Characters that have extensive military combat experience.
16.The Naturist Squad - Characters who are known for showing A LOT OF SKIN in their Uniforms. Cosmic Boy, Conan, He-Man, Moondragon, Mantis, Psylocke, et all.
17. Evil Blondes - Fair hair, cruel personalities.
18. Demonic - Demons or demonically inspired powers
19. Team Scare Your Ass Off - characters that use fear as a weapon or their MO.
20. Team Car Wax - All characters are shiny and/or have reflective skin.
21.Royal Blood - All characters have (you guessed it) royal blood/ are related to royalty
22. Pantheons - all characters are from that supporting Hulk team, the Pantheon OR part of the pantheon of gods.
23. Crime Fighting Kids - sprats who fight crime
24. Rulers - characters who also serve as monarch, state leaders, or dictators
25. Man on Fire - All character have fire or heat powers
26. Heavy Metal - Characters who are made of metal, covered with metal, or ferrokinetics.
27.Spectrum of Light - each character represents a different electro magnetic frequency
28. the New Zodiac - each character is an analogue to a sign of the astrological zodiac
29. Is it Cold in Here or Is it Just me? - Cold powered characters
30. the Rehabilitated - characters that were once villians and now good guys
31. the Overachievers - all characters typically fight above their "weight class"
32. The Crutches - all characters get their powers from special weapons or items