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Lord as he was controlling Man of Steel Vrs Manny, as he was when he turned the Super Villains against Man of Steel..

Who would have won?

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Manchester managed to control a virtual army of various aliens and supervillains didn't he and he managed to make Superman see things that weren't really there.

Whereas Lord only managed to control Superman via subtly taking control over a long period of time didn't he?

He never did but I wouldn't be surprised if Manchester could have taken over Superman's mind if he really wanted to and in a much shorter period of time.

Lord's always been kind of a low level telepath hasn't he?

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Manchester Black easy, at that time Maxwell Lord was a very low level telepath who needed years to take over Supermans will.
Manchester Black on the other hand was a top ranked Psi who's powers were almost global in range and included some psychokinesis; in fact we were left still wondering how far his range really went before he died... he'd stomp Lord.

Only with Brightest Day did Maxwell Lord get a monumental upgrade and basically wiped every person on the planets memory he ever existed. It's unclear what his limits are right now.

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