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Which One?

Which crossover is better? and if you were to choose who would win?

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Secret Wars by far. The original Beyonder trumps all. He snapped his fingers and Death was gone. If he need backup you got Galactus with Taa2 next.

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Secret Wars was better in my opinion but Crisis obviously had further reaching impact.

However all of that counts for nothing now due to the reboot!

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I don't think there's ever been a good DC event. They're always super cluttered and generally have Superman saving the day. Lame.

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My bad, but since you asked about #2 and #3 I assumed you were trying to get at what was the best 'event' of all time. Figured I'd just get to the answer.

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Crisis easily.It was a pivotial change in the D.C. universe that hasnt been matched to this day.Secret Wars was fun to read but not all that important in the Marvel U.The best things about Secret Wars were storylines that came after.Spideys black unjform,Things decision to stay and Johnny and Alicia,Kurse which was during the Beyonders trip to earth.Dont understand what you mean by "who would win?" unless you mean which would I buy and thats Crisis in my case.

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The Real Lance Eason

He was wayyy below his peak. Both stories were so-so. IMO. Although pretty good as big crossover events go. I guess overall, I'd go with Crisis.

Crisis paved the way for a better DCU, in my opinion, while Secret Wars was sort of the point where the whole MU sort of jumped the shark.

I know the era of those crossovers was about the point where I thought the balance shifted for about 15 years - from the start of the Marvel Era (FF#1 in 1961) til the mid-'80's, I thought Marvel had a much higher average level of quality (esp. writing-wise) than DC. From the mid-'80's to the early Aughts, I thought it switched and DCwas better on average (again, esp. as concerns writing). Marvel took over again sometime in the early 21st Century, methinks but after awhile they kind of both went south.

Who would win? Well, probably the cast of Crisis. Secret Wars pulled in most of the major Marvel heroes/villains but Crisis pulled in every character on every world in DC's multiverse. That's a crazzzzzzzzy numbers advantage. Beyonder, at least as written then, might be able to beat the Anti-Monitor (or if not, maybe with Galactus as backup), but I wouldn't be certain of that either. So the big boss villain in Secret Wars MIGHT beat his Crisis counterpart, but even if so that probably wouldn't counter the ridiculous numbers difference.

Oh, wait, I forgot - Hulk and Thor were in Secret Wars, so Marvel wins. \:P

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The Real Lance Eason

More Perez goodness. Probably better than his Crisis work, even.

I thought IG was one of those crossovers where all the heroes readers actually give a crap about were there just to job so Warlock could look good.

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