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Subj: Avengers vs. X-Men: You Decide, Round 2
Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 at 10:29:56 am EST (Viewed 163 times)

Individual match-ups decide who moves on to the next round, but votes for "last man standing" in the group fight breaks ties. People who voted "tie" or "draw" did not add to the score. So the results of Round 1 are:

Group 1:
Captain America d. Cyclops 5-3
Longshot d. Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) 8-0
Angel d. Falcon 6-2
Tigra d. Wolfsbane 8-0

Group 2:
Magneto d. Dr. Strange 4-4, but Magneto won 4-3 for "last man standing"
Valkyrie d. Rogue 5-2
Hawkeye d. Gambit 4-3
Shadowcat d. Mockingbird 6-1

Group 3:
Hulk d. Colossus (with Juggernaut powers) 6-3
Captain Britain d. Iceman 5-1
Spider-Woman d. Armor 4-3
Nightcrawler (Age of Apocalypse) d. Beast 4-3

Group 4:
Iron Man d. Sub-Mariner 6-2
Prince of Orphans d. Jamie Madrox 6-1
Wolverine d. Iron Fist 4-3
Shatterstar d. Moon Knight 6-2

Group 5:
Warpath d. Luke Cage 4-4, but Warpath won 2-1 as "last man standing"
Frenzy d. Jessica Jones 5-0
Psylocke d. Daredevil 5-3
Black Widow d. Domino 4-3

Group 6:
Ms. Marvel d. Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey) 4-3
Vision d. Emma Frost 7-0
Protector d. Fantomex 5-1
Quake d. Rictor 5-1

Group 7:
Hope Summers d. Red Hulk 5-4
War Machine d. Havok 6-1
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) d. Polaris 4-3
Spider-Man tied Cable 4-4 and 2-2 in the group fight

Group 8:
Thor d. Danger 9-0
Storm d. Thing 4-3
Giant Man (Henry Pym) d. Strong Guy 5-3
Deadpool d. Shang Chi 5-3

Here are the rules. All characters are in their current forms in the comics. The fights take place in an evacuated New York City. Combatants start off 20 yards apart. No battlefield removal allowed. Fight ends when one opponent is unconscious or immobilized in a way from which the character cannot escape. 4 characters from each team make 1 group. Tell me who wins the 4 individual match-ups in each group and then tell me who’s left standing as the winners of the individual match-ups fight one another in their group.

In the last round, I recognized I gave Emma Frost a completely unfair match-up, so in order to gather enough X-Men in this round, I'm keeping her in and throwing in Canonball.

Round 2:

Group 1:
Hope Summers vs. Thor (Hope would be able to copy Magneto, Storm, and Cable's powers here)
Magneto vs. Captain Britain and Tigra
Storm vs. Protector
Cable vs. Valkyrie

Group 2:
Nightcrawler (Age of Apocalypse) vs. Hulk
Frenzy vs. She-Hulk
Cannonball vs. Giant Man (Henry Pym) and Quake
Deadpool vs. Prince of Orphans

Group 3:
Warpath vs. Iron Man
Shadowcat vs. War Machine
Angel vs. Vision
Longshot vs. Captain America
Group 4:
Emma Frost vs. Ms. Marvel
Psylocke vs. Spider-Man
Wolverine vs. Spider-Woman
Shatterstar vs. Black Widow and Hawkeye

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