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Have they fought, and who would win?

Assuming "New earth' Supes here, most recent before reboot!

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They've 'fought' twice now - firstly was Zolomon Hunter in the Sinestro Wars prologue special where he was evading the League and layed a barrage of punches on Superman and the second in the 'Time-Masters' mini which supported the Return of Bruce Wayne from Grant Morrison, here Zoom was Eobard Thawne who apparently considers Superman a near equal in terms of speed.

I would give Zolomon Hunter the better odds of being able to injure or KO Superman as his power makes him theoretically untouchable and has some benefits that give him immeasurable striking power, Thawne is a different matter as he's basically a reflected Barry Allen, I think his options for affecting Superman are very few, not helped by the fact Superman is at the very least not too far from being his his equal in speed - Theoretically of course. On top of being physically allpowerful Superman carries too many different abilities with too much skill in applying them. Zoom would ideally need a sucker shot to take him down, which is definitly one option that might well work. \(yes\)

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Hunter and Superman is a no contest, Hunter can win any time he wants, but he never wants to kill/beat the hero. Just force them to get better and better.

Prof Zoom, Supes wins in the same magnitude speed wise and plus well Supes' powers.

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