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Henry McCoy in his blue-furred form as seen from the 70's to the late 90's, so 80's version, vs Ben Grimm as he was in the mid 80's, Byrne era, as that is pretty much the default Ben Grimm.

I think this is a tough call, because it would depend on the setting, but in general, if Grimm gets a grip on McCoy it is game over.

However, McCoy is fast, agile, and nimble. If McCoy can evade Grimm, can he do so long enough to wear him down? I an see McCoy winning this by pushing Grimm to exhaustion.


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Beast can very little do to hurt Ben and Ben will eventually tear down a building or similar so that Beast's agility is counteracted.

There may be the occasional upset due to Beast somehow using the environment but otherwise it is Ben.

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Could even be a match for Thing maybe?

Or maybe that was in the 90s, well, it was in original X-Factor at least.

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The Shuruku Demon

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Yeah, Beast got a strength increase during his X-Factor run in the late '80s, and was likely somewhere in the Class 25-50 region during that time.

Judging by what the thread-starter said in the OP though, I believe he was thinking of the lower levels the furry Beast was portrayed at outside of that specific period. In which case, I'd give the Thing a large majority.

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I remember iceman freezing his feet to hold him, and trying to convince him to stay somewhere, and Beast just flexed his feet and broke the ice. I don't think he ever got to the elite strength levels, but he was continually getting stronger...may have been around class 50, but I'd have to go reread the issues, and even then, I don't know that there was enough to go on...

I do remember being greatly entertained by it at the time though...

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The thing much stronger and more durable

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