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Like some of the other posts, I want you to build your Legion or Legion's of Substitute heroes

For those of you not familiar, DC had several teams that...weren't very good...intentionally, but some actually contributed in big ways. The legion of Substitute heroes all failed in tryouts for the Legion of Superheroes....they had powers that were wither unimpressive, usually ineffective, or with big drawbacks...but they saved the day at least once....

Inferior Five, in pre crisis had some powerful characters, like Awkwardman who was amphibious with super strength, but as clumsy as clumsy smurf. Dumb Bunny who was super strong and durable, but brains like Savage Hulk. White Feather was an archer who struggled with cowardace. The Blimp could fly...slower than a normal walking pace. I don't remember the 5th character off the top of my head....still, they got some wins.

I guess the short lived Great Lakes Avengers kind of fall into this category...I'd lump in Justice league Antarctica in too, though I don't remember then actually defeating anyone...but with Gnort AND the Scarlet Skier they were pretty powerful....

Anyway, see if you can build a Marvel, DC, and/or multiversal team with has been, never was, and/or unlikely and widely disrespected characters that JUST MIGHT have a shot at saving the world in a last ditch effort....

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Marvel: I refuse to put Squirrel girl on the list. Several of my ideas are on this list too: I'm trying not to just pull all the Great Lakes Avengers or whatever too...

NFL Superpro: OK, the comic was a crappy marketing ploy, but the
character was athletic and had some power, though it may have been
essentially peak human stats

Almighty Dollar: Yes, I have the entire NFL Superpro was a
gag gift for me several years ago. Anyway, Almighty Dollar could
create money, but only pennies, and kind of shoot them in a jet
that would hurt people...he was an ally of NFL Superpro!

D-Man: Hey, at least he has some super strength

3d Man: the original!

Hellcow the vampire cow...yeah, she was killed by Howard the Duck
but she wasn't a bad guy...she roamed the earth for 300 years
trying to stop Dracula

El Guapo:

Doorman, since I should get to pick at least one Great Lakes Avenger

All in all, nobody worthless, some useful super powers, but characters that aren't that liked, respected, etc. They'd struggle with a solid EM, but could have something to add as backup.

DC Comics: the guys I chose are all at least pretty competent, except Gnort, who even with little willpower had some real power. None of these would be your first pick, but again, in a pinch, they bring something to the table.


Zan and Jayna, the wondertwins

Animal Man


Gangbuster (the original, not Superman in the outfit)

Orko: if his magic were more reliable, he'd be a major asset...he's
come through for the Masters of the Universe at times though

Gizmoduck: Pretty powerful, but not always the brightest bulb...

Arthur: Tick's sidekick...couldn't he fly or something

Greatest American Hero: He might have even gone on my muliversal heroes
list, but if you take him from early in the series, knowing almost
nothing of how to use his powers (he lost the instructions)...
you wouldn't pick him, but he's pretty powerful. BTW, this was a
GREAT series

Dan Hibiki:


Man, I actually want to see my multiversal team in action!

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Bk Ray


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Squirrel Girl

Mr Immortal


Clock King - of JLA fame

Major Disaster

Cypher - is pretty bad-ass now

Warlock - a coward, but with Cypher is again, pretty bad ass

Madam Fatal - might actually get close enough to knock out Joker or Lex Luthor.

Night Girl - weak 50% of the time, in space she can fly due to legion ring and in darkness is as strong as Superman,

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