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How many Heralds can the following beat or how many does it take to put them down - lets say Heralds range from Nova (Herald level) to Silver Surfer/Thor/Superman Level






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Odin - In theory they couldn't hurt him. It would be like them trying to fight Galactus with mystical powers.

Thanos - His force field stood up to Galactus and Odin for a while, so until his shield goes down he would be protected against them.
How many to take down his force field, then put him down? Could be a dozen or so.

Hela - In theory they couldn't hurt her.

WWH - Just one fighting smart would beat any version the Hulk. He should never be able to touch the Silver Surfer, who could transform the Hulk into a rock or change the air around him into any poisonous gas - or just vaporize him.

Mangog - Basically a mystical version of the Hulk. Again, he should never be able to touch the Silver Surfer. However, since he's a product of Odin's spell, it would take a lot of herald level beings to hurt him.

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