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There seems to be a general consensus here that:

Bary Allan = Wally West

Thor (physically) = Hercules (physically)

Black Adam = Captain Marvel/SHAZAM

Green Lantern (Alan) - Green Lantern (Hal)

Is it safe to assume this?

Can we accept that if Hulk pulverises Hercules, he can do that to Thor, sans hammer (as an example)?

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There has been a lot of effort to establish Thor and Hercules as physical equuals, so for those two, yes. BUT it means you get to factor the good and the bad for both. Thor and Hercules both have good showings against Hulk and some of his foes.... sometimes better than Hulk.

A lot also has been done to do the same for DC CM and Superman, and to lesser extent BA. For those three it holds as well.

Barry vs Wally I'm more shaky on...the best showings I know of were ALL post Crisis Wally....he may actually be superior.... though IIRC Bart showed an ability to retain knowledge learned in a library at superspeed... something neither Barry or Wally were able to do.

I'm also a little more hesitant regarding the lanterns

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The answer is "no"

Different battle scenarios go differently ways for same matchup
Politics and writers make battles inconsistent as well.

Also an "A" lister generally gets treated better.

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To be fair, whenever Hulk "pulverized" Hercules, there was always some reason why Herc wasnt at his fullest, almost all of them were in periods when Herc had lost his godhood or was actually trying to diffuse the fight and calm the hulk down by soaking damage... When he had it, and was willing to fight, their battles were very much a close call, as much as his classic Thor fights were.

I can see an unworthy Thor being easily put in a similar position to a mortal hercules. The gods are weird because their strenght, like Kieron Gillen once said, is similar in scope, but different in quality from the Hulk. Theirs is a mithological, magical kind of strenght, while hulk is science based. Both have the ability to achieve the impossible in that category, but by very different routes... We will see how the unworthy thor matches up with a worldbreaker soon if Pak delivers on his promises in the next Hulk issue

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Alan > Hal

Alan has far less limitations and more overall power. Hall may have more skill. But not enough to be an equal.

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Waid's Flash run seemed to be about Wally accepting that he really was better than Barry. Barry was a great mentor but Wally surpassed him IMO. Wally just became more powerful. He had the Speed Force (or rather he had it first). He didn't need the cosmic treadmill to time travel. He could absorb and redirect kinetic energy.

If Barry's as powerful as Wally now it's because Barry has learned to do what Wally figured out first.

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Good points. Also important to note is that the Hercules who fought Wonder Woman was not at full power and they fought near evenly, so I would see a full powered Hercules as Thor's physical equal:

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Would say that we can really only use that swapping if it has been shown in continuity pretty much as being the case.

Superman and CM/BA have always been shown as being pretty mujch physical equals to each other.

Dr Strange and Dr fate usually shown as supreme mages on their earths.

Thor and herc has been shown as being pretty much liekm Supes and CMhave been.

What gets more dicey is saying that since X can do that to Y, shoudl do same to Z!

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