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Subj: Expanded from BK Rays 'herald to skyfather' percentages thread ...
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 12:19:12 pm EST (Viewed 367 times)

Very interesting to see some of the answers from BKRays earlier thread. I hope i am not breaking some kind of 'Board etiquette' by doing this and if i am please tell me and ignore this post.

Anyways - wanted to expand on the 'if Odin is 100 what is....' with a DC spin:

DC Ares

Wonder Woman (pre52)

Superman (pre52)

Captain Marvel (Billy) (is there really a difference pre52 vs post? Besides some electical powers?)



Green Lantern Hal Jordan



Mister Mytzplk (sp?)

Crisis Anti-Monitor

Spectre (classic)


Mongul the senior

Mongul the junior