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they do not need to be a fight, necessarily

Here are mine in no particular order

- Captain America's speech to Spiderman in civil war

- Superman's defiance and "No, Sir" statements and, when the other JLA members went down one after the next, winning against all the attacks that a maniac from another universe wanted to use to conquer everything for "fun"

- Captain America's last stand against Thanos in infinity war when Cap by himself went against Thanos with the infinity gem.

- Ben Grimm wading through all the attacks and defences of Dr. Doom at the battle of the Baxter Building and finally hurting Doom's hand and defeating him

- Superman's confession of love to Wonder Woman just before they set off a nuclear explosion at ground zero together, and Wonder Woman's reaction

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What did WW say back?

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The image of Superman's death, with Lois holding his body, the day a Superman died was a very powerful and emotional image.

Joe Fixit, beaten by the Thing, and confronted by the green Hulk Robot...both fights were awesome, but 'I'm the Hulk...aren't I' awesome moment in comics

Buried Alien wins the qualifier for the Galactic Marathon, beating Quicksilver

Batman's one punch KO of Guy Gardner in JLI

the killing joke, the scene with Batman and the Joker laughing

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spiderman, when he realizes let Uncle Ben killer free!
Spiderman, when Gwen died before his very eyes!

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  • Ozymandias exposing his plan ONLY when there was no hope of influencing it's outcome. How refreshing that was!
  • Superman's death.
  • Mon El accepting the price of killing the Time trapper (erasing all the Trapper created including Mon El himself).
  • Superman noselling Hulk's best and winning vs Thor. (Fan service for me, totally guilty)
  • Constantine tricking the devil(s) (I liked the idea they went for even if the execution could have been better).

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John Byrne's Gladiator arriving on Earth and beating FF with ease and other heroes struggling to cope...

Thor vs. Exitar (it was utterly a hopeless fight but he still fought on..)

Squadron Supreme - Death of a Universe - beautifully done end of the world scenario where all the heroes tried their best

Death of Supergirl in COIE

Death of Superman by Doomsday.. Clark's Final Stand against DD and Lois's reaction at the end...

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