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Hearts of Gold:

Gold - metal men

Booster Gold

Goldstar (Booster's sister)

Goldstar - ernest widdle,

Golden Archer

Goldrush (DC)

Golden Girl (Cap ally)

Sandy the Golden Boy (Sandman)

Golden Oldie (Aunt May as a herald of Galactus)

Golden Angel (Marvel 616,opposed Dracula)


Silver Spoons (as villains, at least all have been villains or antagonists at some point):

Silver Samurai

Silver sable

Silver Banshee


Silverback (Spider Man villain)

Silver (Pokemon trainer)

Silver Dagger (Dr. Strange villain)

Silver Surfer, as herald of Galactus

Terry Silver (Karate Kid)

Silver Kinkaid (the Boys)

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Who has 1 appearance as a joke. If shes average herald surfer dominates and no other golds can bother him. Ag > au.

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How about Goldie Superman of DC 1 Million?

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You are underestimating Widdle. He was Lobos physical equal, and certainly powerful enough to be a threat..

Golden Angel's mystic powers may prove as dangerous as Dracula to Surfer..

Aside from Surfer at the top, I also think the power advantage goes tho the Gold I think it is closer than you indicate.

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