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Cosmic Rays or Gamma Radiation which would you prefer to empower you?

If you lived in the Marvel Universe and had a chance to gain superpowers which, would you prefer as the catalyst Cosmic Rays or Gamma Radiation?

Cosmic rays were created in the Big Bang and were, ironically, manipulated by a time traveling Reed Richards specifically to give people powers.

The Fantastic Four got pretty much what Reed thought about them at the time. Everyone else, most notably the Red Ghost and his Super Apes, just sort of gets some random abilities.

Gamma Radiation is incredibly powerful electro-magnetic rays that are most commonly created during nuclear testing.

Gamma radiation seems to create a cascading mutation effect. The precise nature of the mutation depends upon the psychological desires and insecurities of the person exposed to it. Bruce Banner’s repression of his anger resulted in a literal rage monster. Jennifer Walters introverted nature resulted in the fun and freewheeling She-Hulk. In Samuel Sterns case, his insecurity about his intelligence resulted in the malevolent genius known as the Leader.

Which would you select and what type of powers would you hope to have?

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For me it would be cosmic rays. Generally speaking they are the safer bet for power without the sometimes mental problems that come with gamma rays.. Also the cosmic rays offer a wider range of powers. Getting to pick the type of abilities would be a huge bonus. I think having all the powers of the Fantastic Four is the direction I see for me. Pretty sure I would be way more affective then the Super Skrull. Strength combined with hard durability and force fields, Sue's other skills. Johnny and his flame are sometimes underrated. Controlling fire along with the nova blast make him tough when portrayed correctly in my opinion. Then there is Reed and while power wise he seems the least of the four when in actuality being able to control your own body the way he does means a real chance at immortality unless he is like a tire and wears out eventually. Big possible downside for me is that the cosmic rays tend too enlarge personality and physical traits. This means I would probably be the worlds' greatest potato chip munching, couch sitting, soda loving, lazy person on the planet. Not exactly super hero material- unless you have a bag of cheetos menacing your family.

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