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Reverend Meteor

Ok I'm in a foul mood and wanted to spread my bile on the internet.

I work in an IT (Information Technology) Department for a municipality. Last year during my employee evaluation I was told that if I wanted to keep my job I would have to get my A+ certification. CompTIA is the name of the organization that creates the A+ and various other IT related certifications.

When I was first told this the city had been offering reimbursements for certifications. Due to the recent economy they have stopped doing this and when it was time to take both parts of my A+ cert I was on my own financially. Fine so I pay the $168 dollars for the first part pass it, next month I pay another $168 dollars to sit for the second part and I pass it. I get a print out from the second one that says to wait 5 days to log into CompTIA, give them my information and I will be sent the certificate in 4-6 weeks.

I wait the 5 days. I go to the career ID portion of the website where I am supposed to the log into and then supply my information. This portion of the website is down. A week or so later that portion of the website says they are upgrading database providers and check back WEEKLY to see if there has been any change. If you send them an e-mail you get an auto-reply telling you the website is down and check back weekly to see if there has been any change. If you called them they tell you to check the website.

Eventually the message on the website changes to say that they will send me some sort of fulfillment kit in 4-6 weeks of passing the exam. I passed the second exam on August 22nd. I wait the 6 weeks. No certificate. I call the company. They tell me that the 4-6 week waiting period does not start with when I pass the exam (contrary to what the notice on the website says). It starts from September 11th which is when they finally started sending out the certificates.

Fine. I wait 6 weeks. By this time the website has finally come back up. I call Comptia for a second time on October 22nd. The girl I spoke to Konisha was rude so I asked for a manager Luann. The manager Luann assures me that I will get my certificate any day now.

The newly repaired website tells me that my order was completed on October 28th. I think to myself funny I don't have my certificate in my hand so surely the order isn't completed. I call CompTIA for a third time today and speak to another manager this one named Robin. They now tell me that completed doesn't mean completed as in the order is completed. It means the certificate has been processed and mailed to me. I ask the lady when I should expect the certificate. She says 4-6 weeks. I passed my A+ 10 weeks ago. 6 more weeks is 16 weeks.

To help further my career I got two more certifications that I needed Network+ ($239 dollars) and Security+ ($258 dollars) also from CompTIA. So all together I have given them $833 of my money. I make a measly $30,000 a year. I have been lied to, dicked around and I have nothing to show for it. But they have my mother f*cking money.

Any advice? In a perfect world I would like to stir up such a shit storm that CompTIA has to close their doors but that probably isn't realistic. I hate this company. I know it's irrational but I truly hate them. I want to send feces through the mail just to let them know what I feel about them.

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I prescribe fire and lots of it

The sad thing is that so many things are like that. Relying so heavily on a piece of paper that tells people you know what you know. . . And of course the paper is controlled by bureaucrats.

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Reverend Meteor

    I prescribe fire and lots of it

    The sad thing is that so many things are like that. Relying so heavily on a piece of paper that tells people you know what you know. . . And of course the paper is controlled by bureaucrats.

I guess I wouldn't be quite as pissed if it weren't for other things.

I have a junk car on its last leg but I've been putting off getting a new one until I either get a promotion or a better job.

I spent a small fortune on the certifications themselves but I've spent even more on the testing materials like certification manuals, practice question cd's etc.

My department has picked up the tab for everyone else's certs. No sooner do I get threatened with termination for not being certified they decide to stop paying for them. I work for one of the top ten poorest cities in the nation and I feel like there is nowhere to move up in my department and the job market sucks.

I'm angry. I feel like I'm just the dumb monkey who always dances to someone else's tune.

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Sorry to hear of your troubles, Reverend.

If I was any more of a conspiracy theorist, I'd say they're all doin' this to you to keep from havin' to pay you any more!

Good thing I'm NOT, eh? ;\)

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I met a guy who was once in your shoes.

so far as his job, and his need for certifications to keep it.

He quit to become a bicycle messenger.

I should have told him to become a licensed Boiler Mechanic.

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