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This is by Colonel David Hunt a Foxnews analyst- takes some shots vs the Bush Admin. I agree with it in the main and wonder what everybody else thinks?,2933,519958,00.html

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1) I'm surprised he works for Fox news.

2) I wish he would have mentioned how the "Surge" didn't work so much as us paying the Sunni's not to fight us. A point that I think is extremely important but never gets as much recognition as it should.

3) I think he's a very good writer.

and finally-

4) I couldn't agree more that we need to learn from these mistakes. People like Bill Maher and Whoopi Goldberg have this "let's just move on" attitude but I think it'll be detrimental to move on until we've learned our lesson. That lesson, as I see it, should be that nation building and jumping from one war to another in a hasty and cavalier manner is a bad idea.

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I don't like his writing style

Of course we should learn from our mistakes, its just that people can [and do] disagree with what the mistakes were. I personally think the mistake was

"You want credit for the surge? I want you to explain why the hell it took you four years to figure out to use it!"

That we went in too weak. . . yes we hit them hard in the begining 'shock and awe' . . . the problem is that we went to elections before we had really defeated the enemy. He acted weak primarily to pander to our weak european "freinds". If they understood how powerful we really are and how weak they truely are it would make them feel bad.

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Sure, there's a ton of questions to be discussed about how the war has been handled, but the big question, which a lot of people seem to be trying to direct us away from, is, "was going to war the right thing to do?".

I imagine in a lot of cases, this point is being deliberately obfuscated.

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