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Subj: Norvell, a few words...
Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 at 08:43:35 pm EST (Viewed 814 times)

I think we have pretty much finished the conversation on the Thor boards but decided to post here just to wrap up any loose ends or questions either of us have. If you want to continue any from the second thread there just fold them in here (it will probably get locked soon as well).

    Good to know, but 60 million Americans are still ugly human beings in your opinion...right?

    I believe in redemption.

So if any Republican changes to the (Far) Left they can be forgiven in your eyes.

    I judge people by what they do, what they say, who they support, etc. It's called personal responsibility.

...and if they support anyone with political viewpoints you oppose they are bad people because only you can be right.

    I'd like to hope so, but its certainly a larger fraction than any subsection of Trump supporters committing violence.

    It's actually white-right-wing terrorism that is on the rise in America.

That was always going to happen after the violence perpetrated by the Far Left Antifa and BLM recently.

Both sides of extremism play at being moral arbiters...something you seem to like to do yourself.

    Of course because its a hot button topic. A recent poll showed 55% of white Americans feel discriminated against.

    Against by whom?

    For me though, when various BLM leaders are tweeting stuff about putting white people in concentration camps

    Total bullsh-t that you just made up.

    Certainly Mohammad Ali made several obvious racist comments in his day but I don't remember reading anything negative about MLK...?

    Have you looked?

Yes and I still didn't find anything. So feel free to post links.

I like how the onus is on me to research evidence for YOUR arguments...a trick you try to pull below with the Jane Foster character.

    Probably because he has the support of the Republicans in that area (likely a high percentage of Evangelical Christians). People entitled to their opinion, even if I disagree with it.

    The ends justify the means! You're not making a convincing case for Republican or conservative values.

I wouldn't jail anyone for their opinions or thoughts, even if I disagreed with those thoughts.

    Deflection tactic, admirable, bring up the 'not relevant to this discussion' Punchometer.

    It's very relevant to you, though.

Pure deflection tactic at no point relevant to our discussion. Either your debating has gone downhill lately or you are getting all emotionally upset over our political differences. Have you tried 'Screaming at the sky' recently?

    If you want to make a case for Jane being worthy, the material and evidence is there in spades.

The short answer being she ISN'T worthy then.

But that's what happens when you put writers who are anathema to characters on these books; a trick the Left loves to pull on any institutions it that don't already kowtow to it. with (Far Left) Nick Spencer on a book about Patriotism (Captain America)...turns him into a literal Nazi. with (Far Left Feminist Atheist) Jason Aaron on a book about a (Male God) Hero...totally emasculates the male hero, handicaps him, ridicules him (and his father), turns him into a simpering, whiny emo bitch, while pushing a Mary Sue, better at everything female replacement who is given EVERYTHING but still finds time to play the victim.

    If you want to actively hate on Jane, for whatever reason, then I guess that's entirely on you and what you want to achieve in life.

I certainly hate how Aaron has forced his politics into the character of Jane and the title of Thor (and I refuse to support that with my money). Politics aside he's a decent enough writer (excusing the modern era decompressed style I don't think works for the comics format). opposed to you hating on 60 million Americans, 15 million French and goodness knows how many other people all over the world.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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