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Exams? Disciplinary?

For me, it was Nuclear Biological Chemical defence - chemical appreciation exercises.

This was back in 1999. Corporals were always in a mood with the standard we were in ( I was sporty and smart, but no street-smarts at all), so we used to do respirator drills with riot control gas, but 4 times as concentrated as it was supposed to be and then do exercises in the hut (it was the same size as a garden shed or a large lift/elevator).

The morning would be a night mare, either drill or PT, where inevitable someone would balls up and then they would state how many (illegally) tablets they would put in.

It got to a head eventually. One lad freaked out in the chamber and then the Corporal tried to take it out on all of us, he tried to get me in a head lock, so I punched him in the gut, ripped his mask off in the chamber and then ran away.

I was convinced I would get charged, but looking back it would probably be too much explaining to do if it went in front of the Squadron Leader.

I've had more worse things happen which could have affected me more, such as being sat in Brize Norton waiting to fly out to Bosnia or Iraq (both times alone, as I had to back up other units as an individual augumentee, which meant I met them in theatre).

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A few months ago I got into a really bad car accident (No, THIS one was not my fault. Really! What? I'm serious. Why are you all looking at me like that?). The other car drove right into my passenger side and my car spun. Luckily it was a side road and not a highway, and there was nobody coming on the other side of the road. If there was, I would have crashed head-on with another car. I wound up on the grass. Luckily, I didn't crash into the tree. Just to show how bad the accident was, the other driver's insurance had to pay the cost of over $5,000. I was more surprised at the time, but after it all happened I realized just how lucky I was.

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Well, I have social anxiety, and have had more panic attacks than I can count. But they're generally for really boring, stupid, shameful crap. "OMG! Random woman on the street just asked me a questi... can't breathe! F--!! *gasp gasp*" (yeah that has happened more than once)

But I'm totally chill in a classroom of 20-40 kids. Go figure.

Anyway... I'll go with another traffic incident.

About 20 years ago, I was driving on I90 from Syracuse to Buffalo. Wife and I had picked up a friend's car (an early 80s Mustang, so it was maybe 15 years old) from some service station, and it was in poor condition. It had broken down, and the mechanic had basically just got it running enough to move. She couldn't drive a stick, so I was in the Mustang. The weather conditions were poor, as well: a slight drizzle and the roads were quite slick.

Suddenly, traffic stops. Brake pedal to the floor and... nothing! Complete brake failure. I'm going to plow into MY WIFE and DAUGHTER in front of me going about 65. No! I swerve into the grassy median.

I was unable to control the car enough to keep myself on the median. So, now I'm going about 40 into oncoming traffic going about 65. Quick mental calculations (yeah, I was doing this in my head): that's like the equivalent of 105mph into brick wall.

My only choice was to accelerate across the oncoming traffic into the ditch on the other side. Yay! I made it without hitting anything (major, at least-- I did bump one of the trees lining the highway, but by then I was only going about 5mph).

Adrenaline had me so messed up, I couldn't walk for about 15 minutes after crawling out of the car. No social anxiety though! I had no problem whatsoever chatting it up with the dozen or so people that stopped to check on me.

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I think I am lucky in one aspect. No matter how terrible the situation I don't seem to panic...until AFTER...then I can almost be paralyzed and shaking. Or if I have somebody else to keep calm.

Ex: Car and Plane

1)Plane -

a)flying over seas. The pilot came on the intercom and reported that one of the electrical systems in the plane went down but not to worry since the plane has 3 independent electrical systems. The young woman next to me was almost panicking (and I wasn't really nervous at this point) and I talked her through it explaining the odds of 2 additional systems going down were astronomical and has not happened in recent modern (decades) air travel.

b)of course just as she seemed to calm down the pilot came back on the line (maybe 10-15min later) and stated that a second electrical system had failed and that though we were all still safe that we would be doing an emergency landing since they were not allowed to continue flying over seas on just one electrical system. Of course now I am more than a little worried...2 systems crash within 5-10 minutes...that's a really bad sign. I think I at least kept my cool on the surface because I was able to calm down the now VERY panicky person next to me.

c)after about 30min the pilot came back on the intercomm and explained that only 1 system had gone down and FAA regulations allow for a plane to take off if only 2 of the 3 independent systems are working to begin with...which made ME feel a LOT better only in that 2 systems crashing back to back on a plane in flight is a bit nerve wracking and it was only actually one.

2) Car - going 50mph on a 2 lane road (with medians separating 2 lanes going opposite direction) in an area with houses along the side of the road with many streets connecting to the subdivisions (posted ok maybe was going 55 \:P ) with my date, and I was in the left lane and had just passed a truck on the right when a van pulls out all but in front of me and just STOPS blocking both lanes. Swerving to the right lane is a bad option as I will still hit him then likely get rear ended by the truck I just passed. There is a short median on the left (very short) and the rest of it lined with trees. So with my date screaming in my ears how we are going to die...I go into that headspace/zone where you just know what to do and I take the chance and jerk the wheel left while breaking, then jerk the wheel right hitting the gas back tires sliding the whole way until they catch just before the rear of my car tags the curb of the median and somehow I make it around the van without hitting anything. It must have looked cool because as my date slowly stopped screaming the truck I had passed pulled up alongside me at the next stoplight. The driver rolled down his window and leaned out the window clapping and yelling how good a job I did. We were 5min from her apartment and by the time we got there my legs were shaking and I realized I still had a death grip on the wheel and it was my turn to panic though it was already over...hopefully I still looked cool to my date cause she was still in the omigawd omigawd omigawd phase herself.

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