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Subj: You can ONLY choose San Junipero or USS Callister as your 'final destination'
Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 at 07:42:40 am EST (Viewed 563 times)

Your digital 'essence' is either...

Stuck in an 80's themed seaside resort, with a beach and you have eternal youth with your partner (optional!), the town is full of similar people. Some 'visitors from time to time' and you have the options to move to the 90's if you would like. We'll say that is split into numerous back-ups, from time to time, the occasional acquaintance might be there (assume that perhaps a couple of your class mates were from school, a former colleague etc and someone from your street when you were growing up, maybe a friends brief ex girlfriend or boyfriend - people you would add as an acquaintance on facebook). From a Friend's TV show, you are Joey and say Janice, Gunther and one of Rachel's sisters etc. The environment is reasonably safe, but you are aware that you are a 'ghost in the machine'. Alternatievly you can swap your partner with someone else, who is important in your life (so Joey could have say Chandler or Rachel instead).


Stuck in a 'Star Trek' parody in an infinite simulated universe. You are leading the ship with half a dozen of your work colleagues (and it is the revised universe - you have working parts). Plenty of excitement and wonder, but you have gamer's in the universe as well, which you can avoid if you wish. You are in the web, assume you are safe from being put into a pocket programme.

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