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Subj: Does the Media focus too much on Trump? Is he almost a figurehead?
Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 at 08:53:47 pm EST (Viewed 439 times)

Trump is the official holder of the highest office in the United States. As such, he wields a lot of power and is someone that should be paid attention to. But looking back at his first year and office and reading news stories from various sources Trump comes across almost as a figurehead.

Does the Media focus too much on Trump? Is he almost a figurehead? Contrary to every president since WWII Trump tends not to take the lead on issues. He lets Congress to try and develop legislation. Trump comes across as ignorant of things ranging from policy details to proper protocol. He appears to have no policy aside from vague generalizations. Meetings, memos, briefings, etc have to be kept short and with a focus on him. His subordinates have several times contradicted or ignored what he says. Kelly comes across as parent babysitting a bunch of children. Trump has a willingness to change his mind on things depending on who is in the room at the time or last spoke to him. Several articles quoted sources that Trump will sign things or focus on things if it is made about him or will make him look good. I recall one article where one of his cabinet members said they were glad Trump had the spotlight focused on him because it allowed him to work unimpeded.

All in all, Trump doesn't sound much like a leader. He doesn't have any real plan and the Media focuses too much on him. Instead, it sounds like his subornitates run things and manipulate him. Shouldn't the Media focus more on them then? How much does Trump truly run things?