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Al Ewing's contribution to Marvel's pantheon of cosmic entities. What do we know about him?

He's powerful enough for Galactus to want to recruit him to his Eternity Watch, and powerful enough to stand against the dark celestials (however powerful they may be compared to the other kind).

He uses weapons, albeit ones capable of hurting the aforementioned dark celestials.

He uses a device to translate his words into other races' languages, unlike Galactus, the Watcher, Stranger, et. al. who seem to be omnilingual.

He seems unable to control his own size as other cosmic entities do. Or doesn't realise it if he can.

He wears a helmet shaped like the head of Stewie from Family Guy, so may not be able to survive outside of his native environment unprotected. Or he may just be Stewie from Family Guy.

Observation: His speech patterns resemble those of a Regillian Recorder. Hypothesis: he may be a recorder who has been transported to some distant part of the multiverse where he was transformed by some means into a cosmic entity, much like V'Ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Anything else?