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Subj: The Defenders #7: What the--?!
Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 at 07:05:04 am EST (Viewed 85 times)

What the--?! This book continues to be worth read?! Yep. And in spite of the dubious chronology/pacing and obvious Netflix cash cow sponging.

The Defenders 007

What the--?! Really dumb that DD is fighting on the symbolic cover instead of IF, eh?! Does this book not get the renumbering too with the Legacy Relaunch crossboard?

What the--?! Marvel gives readers not 1, not 2, but THREE free bonus pages as part of the 3.99 book recap shtick?! Noice! Plus, the Deadpool recap "bit" in it was hilarious!!!

What the--?! IF and Elektra never fought?! Well, this 6-page non-stop nuff-said action-sequence and engaging deciding battle certainly helped make up for that!

What the--?! Handbook supervillain clearly has his "hammerhead" handed to him?! ...Permanently? Cool and badass move by the mysterious new-old supervillain in town! (Poor Joseph. 1972-2017. Bendis has written HH quite well for last few years, who's he going to use as Spidey's distinct competition now... oh... right.)

What the--?! Extra amount of brackets in balloons?! BAH! (That's just my pet peeve.)

What the--?! The book is finally catching up to the shared universe status?! Fisk is mayor, check. Felicia is still top dirty dog, check. Iconic DD/Elektra history factors in neatly, check. Respectfully namedrop "Big C" history in a Maggia story, check. Good! Granted, the post-SE guest starring revolving door apperance of Deadpool, the post cancelled series mystery employment of Elektra, and the post paddywagon behind the scenes escape then return of Stryker and Castle - were all glossed over with less than satisfying vagueness.

What the--?! DD unmasks?! Looks like. In a funnyclever way too, that is, if you read between the lines - of DP's butt! (Pardon'dat pun please.)

What the--?! DP breaks the 4th wall IN-STORY again?! It's been awhile. And it was a very fun "TOLDJA" Kiss-Cam moment!

What the--?! This cool, crisp, clean art keeps coming?! ALL ISSUE. No complaints here! That double Chi Shove move, that surprise bullet thru the top POV, and that normally trope last page dive bomb pose - all were particularly eye catching!


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