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Subj: Brightest Day #0 players...
Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 at 09:21:27 pm EDT (Viewed 450 times)

Hmmm... Seems y'gonna hafta be well edumicated with da 12 histories and DC canon to be likin' this to its fullest...

Brightest Day #0

Still it served as decent set up for all the born again folk. And GOOOOD art too. Replies to:

> So all the resurrections will likely be followed up on in Brightest Day.

Yup, dead(man) on there.

> Aquaman, though Mera will probably get the spotlight.

Sexy skinnydipping and monarch moping.

> Firestorm-Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rousch merged though it looks like Ronnie will be the body and Jason in the Prof Stein role. Jason will probably be blaming Ronnie for his girfriends death and that will be a focal point.

Just like the Blackest Night finale: how can 2 guys who hate each other get along - in the same body.

> Professor Zoom and Captain Boomernag I...likely to followed up on in Flash for the most part.

Barry is keeping an eye on 'em that's a Flash Fact.

> Max Lord-we'll see him in Justice League: Generation Lost BET...hopefully Ted Kord as well!

NO IDEA if his mind game is good or bad but it looks epic - whatever the heck it is.

> Hawks-not sure. Really happy to get Carter AND Shiera back...wow!!!!

Lots of name dropping - all greek to me. And Egyptian, Western, etc...

> Deadman-what a neat swerve. He'll probably get a lot of the spotlight in BD

He was the story. The White Ring entity wants Boston to save it. He's not only got his life, now he has the power of life - a little birdie told me. And Star City can prove it now too.

> Osiris-probably another BD spotlight character

Vows to raise Black Adam and Isis or somesuch. Not sure their status.

> Martian Manhunter-probably see him for a little bit and in JL:GL and JLofA

Vows to raise a cityscape on Mars for a population of 1. Not sure how long Guy's milk and Oreos will last.

> Jade-Green Lantern corps and JSA

Love triangle with Kyle and whoever that GL gal is.

> Hawk-another likely BD focal point.

Same old Hank come back to have the same old dynamic with Dove.

> > Are there other heroes that returned but we don't know about yet?

    DC has released teaser images for brightest day.

    The 12 resurerected were returned for a reason.

Thats how it looks. It was a.. pleasant read. In the spirit of Brightest Day - almost too pleasant until the villain at the end better late than never.

Any more substantial comments? Most desired title that'll come from this?

I miss my brother.

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