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Subj: Trinity #8: BIG THINGS ARE GOING ON?!
Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 at 11:37:19 am EDT (Viewed 246 times)

Was this the book of the week to read??!

Trinity 008
> A “Superman: Reborn Aftermath” tie-in! In this essential chapter of the “Superman Reborn Aftermath” epic, Kal-El reveals to Batman and Wonder Woman what had happened to him—and how they all may be in danger!




Dropped Trinity during the opening arc. Then saw these 0-Day reactions to the current issue and see that BIG THINGS ARE GOING ON in its related to the Superman Reborn integration and mini-COIE. Here's some copy/paste if you never got it either...

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)05:25:00 No.91667634
    Wait a sec, is the upcoming event with Mr. Oz and Manhattan actually just a smokescreen for "Superman vs the Fourth Wall?"

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)05:28:12 No.91667655
    One of those Super is Conner???
    BTW this counts as Hypercrisis?

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)05:31:03 No.91667674
    Superbro is pretty based. The amount of crap he takes approaches zero.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)05:31:53 No.91667688
    Isn't Wonder Woman basically going through the same thing right now? She wasn't split into two, but she did discover everything she remembers about her life is wrong.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)05:41:00 No.91667757
    Why is he rejecting things here? As Superdad he gets a hot wife a pretty cool son and all that.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)05:43:23 No.91667781
    Blaqualand is in TT now?
    i guess i'll have to catch up

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)05:47:13 No.91667822
    WW knew she couldn't ever go home as part of the deal when she left, but knowingly (even slightly subconsciously) allowed herself to believe that she could. This meant that every time she visited home in Nu52, it wasn't actually home, but a deception.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)05:52:04 No.91667867
    Bunn did this issue and the last as fill-in.
    Manapul is back next issue.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)06:00:00 No.91667939▶

    Superdad VS Superbro is like when your favorite uncles and aunts are fighting
    it just sucks all around.
    but also

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)06:11:26 No.91668051
    since when can Golden Age fly?

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)06:26:20 No.91668169
    neither of these covers are that interesting

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)06:29:26 No.91668185▶>>91689899

    Still really unnecessary amount of spite on Rucka's part. Like yeah the Finches tanked N52 Wonder Woman like we all knew they would, but it seems like Rucka went out of his way to trash Azzarello

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)06:44:54 No.91668310
    I thought that was Spectre for a second.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)06:54:01 No.91668388
    literally an entire issue of setup

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)06:59:07 No.91668444
    most of Dianas are from n52
    also I can't for the love of me tell which Batman is which, the only one I'm sure of is 666 Damian in the middle

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)07:57:33 No.91669096
    Im right. The universe is mallable since the start.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)09:00:05 No.91669807
    I'm glad Manapul is back next issue. His art is just amazing and it should be good seeing him draw the rest o the league.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)09:05:05 No.91669883
    Manapul wrote a political/blm issue and DC was like "yeah naw" and brought in another team to replace him for a couple issues (presumably because he didn't want to have to go back and write completely new scripts to replace his rejected one).

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)09:47:18 No.91670569
    Speedforce Deathstroke?! I wouldnt want to live on that planet!

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)10:20:13 No.91671054
    What if Oz is an alternate timeline Batman

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)12:56:22 No.91673821
    oh my, just look at the veiled 4th wall joke - the fact that one of these three has made a career out of being rebooted and two of them have literally had recent retcons (again)

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)12:59:53 No.91673886
    since when is 70's depowered Diana capable of flight?

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)13:33:45 No.91674589
    Does this mean all of Superbro's adventures are gone? But one of Superbro's adventures got mentioned in New Super Man so this issue is a bunch of BS.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)13:34:56 No.91674613
    I mean I'm pretty sure superbro was stronger. Also you think they'll ever address that super nova move superbro learned?

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)16:39:10 No.91679179
    Everyone has been affected.
    WTF, has Clark forgotten being two separate people already? He remembers a world before this one. He has the same memory as we do about the pre-flashpoint world. Why is he suddenly so 'umm is this Earth different?'

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)16:41:09 No.91679234
    Hypercrisis is real. We're breaching the source wall in the next 5 years.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)16:44:40 No.91679335▶>>91679400

    I mentioned that I think Barry and Bruce will be taken out of commission and that Superman and Wally will eventually spill the beans on everything.

    Those two are the key. They represent the "old" and the "new", two generations (maybe throw Tim in once they find him) working together to restore order.

    Maybe with fate who has yet to be shown in Rebirth IIRC.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)16:45:08 No.91679354
    Clark Knows what happened to him and Mxy was part of that, but he doesn't remember being two people and their lives. Action Comics went into this. The did a quick run down of his life and he pretty much says it checks out with him, but something still isn't right.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)16:46:21 No.91679400
    Why Barry and Bruce are helming the investigation is weird considering its Wally and Clark who are the survivors of the previous world.

    They should be the ones questioning this the most, or at least the ones closest to the investigation.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)16:52:45 No.91679558
    Well what I think the timeline runs as is that this takes place just before Batman 21 starts (today). Giving us a reason for Bruce twiddling the button and deciding to bring the second Dick in on it, Flash.

    At that point zoom comes in because he is summoned to stop batman and flash from conferring and Barry telling him that Wally experience something similar.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)16:54:17 No.91679593
    Everything you know happened, expecially the Los and Clark stuff but ignore Convergence.

    What you really need to start understand is this Clark was never "pre-flashpoint" superman. This is Nu52 superman, but something happened to Superman before Nu52 started that made us have SuperBro and SuperDad later. This is all a recon obviously because Rebirth wasn't a thing when new 52 existed but...hypercrisis I guess.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)17:08:08 No.91679937
    I didn't mean to insinuate you didn't rather for other posters to keep up and chime in.

    Nobody is aware of what happened to Wally I don't think, and Bruce was the one that wanted to not rock the boat with the rest of the league with some weird reality re-shaping $#!&.

    I think he was calling Barry because he trusted him to keep it hush hush while being able to help him investigate with a separate set of eyes.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)17:11:56 No.91680028
    I have a theory that Manhattan might actually not be the guy behind all this mess, but is still involved somehow.

    I doubt his face in this page means anything, but it made me think, what if Mr. Oz is actually Manhattan, trying to actually fix things behind the scenes and is opposing whoever the real big bad is? And he's somehow lost most of his power, which is why he looks grey now.

    I have absolutely zero evidence to support this, except that "Oz" could be a shortened form of "Osterman", Manhattan's original name before his accident though my interpretation of Watchmen was that Manhattan might not actually be Osterman but some kind of energy form that used his DNA and memories, like Swamp Thing and Alec Holland, and that's circumstantial at best.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)17:30:35 No.91680442
    I mean, I don't think it's necessarily out of the question that they would have. The majority of Batman 21 took place over a minute. We don't necessarily know that they wouldn't have brought Wally in. Bat's went from thinking he had a minute to Zoom telling him quite the reverse.

    I don't remember the solicit but I think it still stands to reason that Wally could show up in Flash 21 next week. Him seeing Barry get BTFO could lead to him sprinting straight to Superman and the league to ask/say "what the fuck just happened?"

    Then they will confer about what they know. The league's reaction to being first attempted to be kept out of the "know" by the trinity, really batman, seems to be the topic of discussion next month on this title.

    Anonymous 04/19/17(Wed)17:46:27 No.91680822

    The premise of Rebirth is that New Earth = Prime Earth.

    Superman was an anomaly, since he was outside of universe during the Convergence, and thus wasn't rewritten... But then somehow was, after all, with Superbro appearing in the changed Prime Earth, while Superdad was away.

    In "Superman Reborn" Superdad and Superbro became a single being (at the same time, after first Wally West and then the multiverse-traveling Justice League revealed that New Earth = Prime Earth, but with ten years of history altered), which fused their histories.

    So the new, fused Superman is kind of a confused being. Convergence might as well have never happened for him, as his old New Earth history mostly took over the Prime Earth one, and now the reality is as if he's always been on Prime Earth, but with more of a pre-Flashpoint-like origin story.

    Bruce and Diana are thus confused, because to them, after "Superman Reborn", there has always been ONE Superman, one with the fused reality storyline. While Superman still has the memories of both Superdad and Superbro fighting for dominance.

    Whereas before Prime Earth Bruce did not trust New Earth Superdad, saying not muh Superman, now it's as if Superdad has ALWAYS been His Clark, the Superman of Prime Earth.

    On a meta level, the fused Superman has been noticed to be more like Superdad than Superbro, so Superbro fighting for his life means keeping the memory of his New52 run alive.

...aaaaaand this convoluted 'supposition' is where the copy/paste stopped! Wow. Trying. To. Process. These reactions aren't necessarily that far-fetched (after reading Action 976 https://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=superman-2017032320421227) but maybe it's best for me to just read the actual issue first...

What's YOUR interpretation of the transpirings from here?

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