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Subj: Dark Days - The Forge #1: Hmm...?
Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 at 11:26:57 pm EDT (Viewed 272 times)

Dark Days - The Forge 001 (2017)

Everyone on this board is FAR more fluent with DC history (past and present canon) so it will be very interesting to see other dissect this issue. Please enlighten me. This is all latest Event in the mainstream Earth, post-Rebirth, right? The preview hype about this title completely passed me by. Also, the ending was so jarringly abrupt, IMO, the whole point of the issue long mystery (only Batman knew minimally/most about) got such an unfulfilling tease as to why the next issue was so important to get. Mainly for those 3 reasons, this LOOKED like it was a very important story but for the life of me that importance escapes me. That's not to say it's didn't generate intrigue. Is the series connected to making this REBIRTH canon merge and reset more coherent canon or just a new storyline? Credit to the art team for the pleasing images that made all the baffling matter-of-facts and presumptious status quos more... bearable/readable.


Does this whole thing revolve around the comic book properties of special DCU metals? Nth Metal, Electrum, and Dionesium are named this time. "THE FORGE" seems an obvious clue. Who's the metalic Batman-like statue on the main cover? Is it probably the -or A- future timeline?

When did Hawkman die last? Pre-REBIRTH? Current new post-REBIRTH canon? Where does that recent 6 issue Death of Hawkman mini fit in?

Does the Thanagar ship imply the alien version of Hawkman also exist post-REBIRTH?

Is Dr.Madison new? Any ideas about the 14th Wayne Black Site?

Lady Blackhawk means Blackhawks existed at some time post-REBIRTH?

Totally lost track of most things GLC. So, Ganthet is alive and in charge on the living planet Mogo which is now GLC HQ instead of Oa?

Duke Thomas has a Batcentric supersuit but no codename is that new?

GL gets into the Batcave pretty easy.

The Campus?

Elaine Thomas?

Immortal Man? Who is The Immortal Man talking to? Who are the Immortal Men pictured? What was their claim to fame pre-Nu52?

Are those all KNOWN incarnations of Carter and Sheira pictured? Who is Carter in bed with? This lifelong obsession to discover the truth about his dreamvisions is all retcon, right?

Lunar Batcave? When Batman calls Lucius - is that Batwing or Mr. Fox Sr.?

Mr. Terrific is from mainstream Earth and has been investigating a counter-Earth? Is this the Earth-2 comic series? He smiles at the thought of letting who out of what box? A secret Batstash that he knows about.

Another secret Batstash in a secret cave in the somewhat secret Batcave? Huh? And with a connection to The Owls? And it has mystical defenses against GLrings?

That was not the mission statement of The Outsiders of old. This is more retcon, right? Ditto regarding Halo's costume.

Animal glyphs, including a bat, on ancient Egyptian rock?

That is one freaky looking Fortress of Solitude design. Another secret Batstash here? And Superman didn't even peek.

Where is Mr.Miracle currently based? He recognizes the huge golden monolith Batman hid here... do readers recognize it?

And the big surprise ending is that the Batstash (that readers are not shown) in the Batcave's secret cave is imprisoning The Joker who is the disembodied voice speaking as GL and Duke enter?

Then the story suddenly ends?

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