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Subj: Deathstroke #21: It makes the Pull List...
Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 at 03:17:05 pm EDT (Viewed 238 times)

Deathstroke #21

> “DEFIANCE” part one! A new day has dawned for Deathstroke. Having emerged from the Speed Force a changed man, Slade Wilson takes aim at living a better life—a life in service of justice. But when the world refuses to accept the new Deathstroke, Slade recruits a group of young heroes to join him including including former Teen Titans, Kid Flash and Power Girl, his children, Rose and Jericho, and the bombastic Terra! But has Slade truly shed his villainous past? And what other shadowy forces are working against him? Find out as Deathstroke’s bold new direction begins here!

This book finally makes my pull list. At least for the opening arc of this new title revamp. Probably haven't read an issue since #2 or #3. This new team DEFIANCE on the cover was such a grabber. The cool looking Brett Booth-like vibe continues on inside which is appreciated. The chapter layouts have the same vibe as the under-rated last Omega Man volume. And the interesting choice of team members is wonderfully organic - right up to the earth shaking surprise cameo appearance of a certain smokin' smoker on the last page. It was a pretty good new team set up with a lot of intriguing questions and dynamics to explore. Hopefully, the book can strike a balance between the title character, his instant large team cast run by his ex, worthwhile enemies, and his mystery new antagonist who has taken up his gimmick and codename - or so it seems. So, in other words, it looks good.


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