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Subj: Deathstroke #23: Good issue...
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 10:09:47 pm CDT (Viewed 262 times)

Deathstroke 023

> “Defiance” part three! As the team begins to crack under Slade’s harsh leadership tactics, Defiance is called into action after a cruise ship gets hijacked on the open seas! It’s sink or swim for Deathstroke’s new squad when they’re put to the test against impossible odds!

This was good issue - especially to learn about Rose. Rose changed her codename, changed her marital status and changes nothing about the gist of the awesome cover. Plus she has that futuristic super sword subplot.

Slade is an entertaining anti-hero (and "jackass" \:\) ) in progress. All his dialogue was interesting. His analysis of using about heroes with swords was particularly insightful. His numerous footnotes establishing significant backissues was icing on the cake. At this point, determining his true motivations and hidden agendas has been worth giving a Deathstroke title another try for 3 chapters in with his new Defiance.

Powergirl, Kidflash, and Terra each had decent moments in training and later against pirates. Jericho, too, plus he got a good private scene with his "Mommy Dearest".

Plus, there's something going on in Chinatown revolving around who appear to be 3 integral woman: Claire, Willow, and "Ninjalike Lady". Are you into this revamped title yet?


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