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Subj: Black Lightning Ep 3
Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 at 11:44:43 pm EST (Viewed 414 times)

So far so good. The drama and pathos is holding steady.

Hilarious dinner scene with the family, totally floored BL and his estranged wife after their young daughter dropped a bombshell upon them.

As parents they are glad that she came to them first and isn't sneaking out to get pregnant. However despite that, there are certain protective father instincts that make for a funny scene with BL and his daughter's would be suitor. \:\)

BL gets an equipment upgrade. It would seem that BL is the power source and his equipment helps him harness and direct the power.

The people plan to march and show the 100 they are not afraid.

BL's other kid tests her powers.

The shooter approaches the marchers and Black Lightning intercepts him and takes him and an accomplice down.

The marchers start singing Amazing Grace to Black Lightning

The villain sees BL is alive and has his accomplice fire a sniper round apparently meant for BL but it hits the leader of the marchers and the bullet goes through him and into his daughter's would be suitor.

BL's tech friend goes through camera footage and deletes footage of the criminal....

My main gripe is that everyone sees his face as the principal of the school but people get an up close look at Black Lightning after he saved the marchers and none can do the math.....those goggles are NOT a good enough mask!