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Please click on this link:

My fingers are crossed for this movie to cross the billion dollar threshold worldwide.

I've loved Aquaman since 1967 when this cartoon was airing:

I was six years old at the time. My parents had an above-ground pool in the backyard. Four feet deep. It took up most of our small yard. The rest was taken up by a swing set and a concrete shed.

In the summer time, when my friends weren't around, I used to swim underwater in my pool and imagine I was Aquaman fighting evil in the ocean depths.

The new movie was a deeply moving experience for me. I was so proud of it. So grateful for it. So invigorated by it. Because it wasn't just a vehicle for my hero to appear on the screen. It was easily a contender for best superhero movie of all time.

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I gotta agree with you. It was so cool seeing this movie add grandeur and awesome visuals, yet stay true to the character and mythology. (Full review in link below)

I think there are so many superhero movies and shows today, going back to the 90s cartoons, that people don’t get how back then most non comic book reading folks knew only Hulk, Spidey, and the Super Friends. And Aquaman was one of the few popular enough to have his own show. Those of us who spent every childhood summer day in a lake would fight over who got to be him when we played heroes.

The movie flew by, never would have guessed it was 2.5 hours.



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