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Subj: Didio's Metal Men Series
Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 at 04:55:28 am EDT (Viewed 112 times)

Hi Guys,

Was just curious if anyone was reading Didio's Metal Men series?

As a huge fan of the Original Metal Men series, and some of the work that was done in the Nu52 Era (In the pages of 52 & The Duncan Rouleau Brave New World Series afterwards) I can't help feel like Didio's taking the worst parts of the concepts and retreading them.

Spoilers to Follow ---

I do like some of the central conceit, like I've always enjoyed the idea and the execution of Magnus being essentially a deeply damaged bi-polar introvert who lives inside of his head, but Didio is taking that to the extreme in a damaging trope for mental illness, in that Magnus is mentally ill therefore, he is a stalker, he has lived out this idealised life in the Metal men. Equally, I feel like we've taken steps back with the characterisation of the Metal Men, Tina in particular.

Of course, this could all be a feint by the new Nth Metal Man, and none of this is true. But I don't really trust Didio to do that.

The art is good, but it's not got the flair of the original series or the Heart of the Rouleau series. it feels very much like the Dan Jurgen's reboot after Crisis, where Magnus had based the personality templates of the Metal Men after people he knew...and that wasn't great.

I'm finding it a frustrating read, when all I really want is more of what Rouleau was peddling.