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Subj: Spider-Man - Deadpool #15: What's in a name...
Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 at 04:12:49 pm EST (Viewed 231 times)

Spider-Man - Deadpool 015 (2017)

Who names their daughter "Camper"??! (Besides the Van Helsings.) Is there any baby book name with that include IRL? (BTW, checking Known Relatives list... That's a shame if all the Van Helsings are dead?!)

First of all the whole running joke of Peter not wanting someone to copy The Sandman name would have meant more if his company didn't just infringe on the Parker Brothers by giving that name to his mechanical spider-sentries! And it also is a bit annoying that he is so concerned given that he endorses Miles and Miguel running around using his name. Whatever.

It's also disappointing, in the final panel, what the surprising name DP gives that will help him. Dracula?! (In OML, wasn't he thrown into the sun! ) It's not the plot pitch of an unlikely alliance is not what's displeasing - it's the fact that no other more reputable names were called or considered. Helloooo? Dr. Strange as prime example? Hopefully, a footnote of other heroic responders (besides juat Blade) are forthcoming. It's bad enough Marketing is trying to sell this copycat crisis concurrently with Monsters Unleashed but no 4th wall joke or chronological confirmation referencing it is so frustrating.


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