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Subj: A Brief Visit to My Old Stomping Grounds...
Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 at 11:17:28 am EST (Viewed 31 times)

Hey, all --

I thought I'd drop by my old stomping grounds here for a bit of shilling (if the mods will indulge me ;\) )

I recently wrote and published a book about comic book fans. Kind of a who they are, why they act the way they do, that sort of thing. I've been itching to write it for the better part of a decade now, and I finally plunged ahead with it in 2009. I've tried to write it so that it's both intelligent and casual; if I did my job right, it should be both easily accessible and enlightening as well.

It's based a lot on my own experiences as a fan, so there's actually quite a few references to the Fantastic Four throughout the book, including some bios of FF uberfans, JA Fludd and the late Gregg Allinson. I also use some Jack Kirby and George Perez FF art to help illustrate a couple of my points. And, for the coup de grâce, I managed to get long-time FF editor Tom Brevoort to write the foreword! (I still can't believe he agreed to do that!)

The book is available in both paperback and hardcover here...

...but I'm also serializing the main bulk of the content for free on this site...

So please feel free to stop by and read a few chapters. If you like what you read and buy a pulped wood copy for your bookshelf, so much the better!

Thanks for your attention!