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Subj: Secret Warriors #5: OMG! Karnak has a weak spot now... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 at 09:16:17 pm EDT (Viewed 396 times)

Secret Warriors 005 (2017)

OMG! Karnak is Leer's father?!

OMG! Is that an actual S.E. footnote to a crossover issue Captain America 025?!

OMG! Karnak subjected his son to experimentation! After the Inhumans lost Terrigen Mists, after the Tower of Wisdom was established, and before the HYDRA takeover of the USA?! Frustratingly vague and questionable excuseexpostion of Leer's origin.

OMG! Is that a reader friendly overlapping scene with a concurrent issue Secret Empire 008?!

OMG! Karnak 'sold his son' to Mr. Sinister! Granted it was in premeditated prep to fell HYDRA... but still HIS OWN (presumably only) SON?! (A distasteful trend starting with The Royals. First BB and Kang, now this...)

Okay, the art was just okay and the story was full of deus ex machina and forced plot devices that have plagued the Secret Empire Event, BUT there was a lot of notable comic book content/development and some good lines, too. Besides the above shockers...

-boring poser cover
-good followup to last cliffhanger
-strong character moments for all the SW members... even Inferno!
-so, Scarlet Witch teleported ALL the sentients on the crashing ship to safety... except Devil Dinosaur?! We'll probably never know why.
-the adamantium cage was undamaged... except the giant hole?!
-nice pictionary reveal
-some fun team banter throughout
-HYDRA has another internment camp for Inhumans right at Attilan. This totally demeans and demystifies this stronghold unfairly (just like IvX did)
-so, HYDRA has top notch floodlight security all over island... except for spotting a giant dino on a little tugboat floating up to shore?!
-very interesting team disharmony throughout
-SHOCKING reveal who Leer is was done very well... except for the CRAZY INSANE ANNOYING TROPE of tagging another retconned offspring onto a long documented established icon
-WOW. Karnak continues to be a b#st#rd since his return from death for no given reason. BAH.
-weird how Leer's power is triggered by Karnak speaking Inhuman phrase
-Most. Lame superpower. Ever. The one time powerboost for all. It was done WAAAY better by Gideon in volume 1 of NEW Warriors circa issue20-25! Plus, a little premature with the activation as they should've at least waited 'til the Inhumans were on board. And why not boost them too?
-working origin of the team name
-no Easter Egg cameos of known Inhumans was a missed opp
-so much for the power up, huh, Karnak called it wrong
-big fight was not well done... except it was good to see the bantering Underground Avengers involved, including THE THING!
-funny line by Clint
-good parent/offspring parallel with Hyde/Daisy and Karnak/Leer
-taking down Hyde was more entertaining than big fight
-the team breaks up?! HUH! Never saw that coming.
-SHOCKING reveal of Mr.Sinister is done pretty good... except does that mean he worked on Leer against HYDRA? But wasn't it Dark Beast who worked on Leer FOR Hydra?!
-looking forward to see what's next... except the fact that it involves Deadpool sort of screams gimmick guest star, eh?! Unless it's a crossover with DP's book where the murder of Coulson should be resolved. And was Daisy that close to Phil in the comics?!
-not 1 but TWO letter pages!

OMG! What do YOU think of all this? Will Karnak be getting a Happy Father's Day card? Do you want the mother to be anyone in particular?

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