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Subj: Silver Surfer #13: Somehow...
Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 at 10:03:18 pm CDT (Viewed 203 times)

Silver Surfer 013 (2017)

What the what?! Somehow Toomie turns into a time machine and flings the pair into the past? Somehow the pair fly back through the timestream past the point of Secret Wars Incusion [Re: It's canon.] and back past the Big Bang when Galactus was birthed? Somehow they bypass Universe 7 and end up in Universe 6? Somehow Dawn convinces Norrin not to 'kill baby Hitler' [ie. Galen.] as if that would affect Universe 8? Somehow, next issue, SS will hitch a Big Bang ride [With Dawn's cremated remains.] to this reality of Galactus the Devourer turned Lifebringer turned Galactus the Devourer turned Lifebringer? Somehow he becomes that mystery alien Nor-vill whose been stalking Dawn for many issues and must still become SS again too because there's no way Marvel will lose the copyright by not using his character. Somehow next ish will have to try to clear all that up.

Not much discussion or answers on the specifics of this ish at fourchan on 0-Day but it's neat to read general reactions to the overlooked title at that site...

Silver Surfer #13 storytime Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)00:53:39 No.94
Slott/Allred have really done something wonderful here
hope you like this

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)00:55:56 No.94706526
if you ignore ASM, Slott's Marvel resume is superb

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)00:57:01 No.94706545
if you ignore ASM, Slott's resume is actually pretty fantastic, his DC work is genuinely good too

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)00:58:06 No.94706565
not muhh Silver Surfer

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)00:59:54 No.94706605
I really ought to catch up on this. I dropped off just pass the anniversary issue.
I recall a Off-Panel podcast where Slott mentioned that this is the longest Allred has worked on a singular book continuously (No guest artists have been brought in.)

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:02:58 No.94706664
besides Madman right?
this is by far his most emotional work IMO

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:07:53 No.94706769
Yeah, I hate the "hurrdurr everything Slott has ever done is retroactively bad because I don't like his Spider-Man" mentality /co/ has.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:10:01 No.94706810
I believe Allred didn't count Madman, as he had fill-in artists.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:10:35 No.94706822
It always warms my heart to see other writers use Ewing's stories. Then again, he's the only other writer to use the Never Queen.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:10:54 No.94706828
ASM isn't even bad

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:12:16 No.94706852
Slott is secretly a continuityfan

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:14:14 No.94706885
I like this book, even if it's only the 3rd time I've ever seen someone storytime an issue. Man, a lot of the cosmic Marvel doesn't get talked about.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:21:30 No.94707010
the writing is literally doctor who with silver surfer pasted on. if it wasn't for allred's wonderful work, this would be even more hated.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:24:15 No.94707051
it's better than Doctor Who has been for years though

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:28:22 No.94707115
Yeah but people buy Silver Surfer for Silver Surfer, not Doctor Who fanfiction.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:30:38 No.94707145
I am still upset with what Slott did to Shalla Bal.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:32:41 No.94707180
Yeah, she turned evil so Slott's Donut Steel could be Norrin's one true girl of forever and most important person ever!

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)01:59:59 No.94707608
I really didn't like this series at all. I want Silver Surfer stories to be cosmic epics, not quirky female sidekick. Why does surfer need that? Hey, at least I got an Allred drawn Agent Venom from that doublesplash page.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)02:46:20 No.94708255
Surfer is also at his best when it's not about Zen-La or Shalla-Bal. I really think Lee's ideas were a mistake. Silver Surfer was a being created by Galactus that betrayed him, his human ( whatever) backstory cheapens The Galactus Trilogy imo.
Norrin Radd's also kind of an ass. " I live on utopia and I'm bored!"

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)09:34:37 No.94711584
Why didn't he just infuse Dawn with some power cosmic so that she could survive until Galan's universe ended?

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)11:02:26 No.94712768
Also, Slott is a huge Whovian.

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)11:07:13 No.94712857
A time travelling alien, whose world was destroyed with a young female companion.
Now am I describing Doctor Who or Slott's Silver Surfer?

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)11:16:14 No.94713021
>a human astronaut and his alien friends travel around the universe in a starship getting in trouble
Am I describing Farscape or GOTG?

Anonymous 08/17/17(Thu)11:37:30 No.94713381
which is like the episode with David Tennant in where he goes human and they see what if he stayed human and they grew old together.

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