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Subj: Spider-Man Far From Home antagonists [spoilers linked to the FF]
Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 at 08:19:40 am EST (Viewed 473 times)

In the new Spider-Man movie, there will be a quartet of supervillains with elemental powers.

Apparently, two of the members will be Hydro-Man & Molten Man.

We don't know yet who will be the Air & Earth Elemental villains.
Sandman seems to be the obvious choice (too obvious ?) for the Earth Elemental.
Mysterio (// "Mist") could be the Air Elemental, except if they want to use one of the minor Spidey villains (Cyclone or Bora) or if Vulture comes back as the Air Elemental ...
I don't know if villains such as Grey Gargoyle, Moses Magnum or Whirlwind can appear in a Spider-Man movie.

IMO, not only this team is a prototype of the Sinister Six but also it is a combo between the Frightful Four and the different teams of Marvel Elemental supervillains :

- Elementals(1974)

- Elementals of Evil (1979)

- Elementals of Doom (1981)

- Force of Nature (1991)

To sum up, yet another concept intrinsically linked to the Fantastic Four will appear in the MCU (or in this case, the Marvel+Sony shared sub-universe) even though the FF themselves won't appear.